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Monday, 16 March 2015

Back to reality (and in my own clothes)

I'm back! I've had one of the busiest weeks yet with so many exciting things happen I don't even know where to start. On Monday I traveled to Paris to work on a project with J.Crew and attend Paris Fashion Week where I sat in awe of the "Brasserie Chanel" show at the Grand Palais.

On Wednesday I squeezed in a little thing for Net-a-Porter before traveling back to London and straight into mum mode. Thursday was a busy day of presentations, catching up on Wardrobe ICONS and I was welcomed by a fabulous surprise as our Personal Shopping service war featured in Metro!

Friday Petro and I spent the day between Louis Vuitton and Chanel to shoot two very exciting features for The ICONS Update. I had tea with Madame Gabrielle doll complete with string of pearl and diamante brooch - so cute!

This weekend was a lovely celebration of Mothers Day and a little bit of rest, whilst today I am back in full swing for another day at the office. Back to reality (and my own wardrobe) I am wearing a simple ensemble of jeans, cosy jumper and statement flats- the weather is gone back to miserable here in London so I'm all covered up and prepared for the cold and rain. Look at this week's STAR BUYS to see what's made it into my shopping bag in the last seven days... including a Parisian Erés early birthday gift to myself!


pix*see style said...

Can you share with us the color/brand of red lipstick you both are wearing? You both look fabulous!

Arthurs mum said...

Gorgeous shoes! X

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