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Monday 30 March 2015

My trip to J.Crew in Paris

I've often asked myself why I love to wear J.Crew  so much and the not-so-groundbreaking conclusion is that it's a brand that I identify with: it suits all aspects of my lifestyle, from the working fashionista to the more practical, off-duty mum I become at the weekend.

In J.Crew I can shop for anything that tickles my fancy: a neon pink featherweight cashmere sweater, a pair of diamante and tassel earrings, an embroidered peasant blouse and even a bejewelled shirt - but also for key items that have become the underpinning of my wardrobe. Tippi sweaters in every colour of the rainbow and Vintage Cotton V-neck tees are just a couple of the key staples that I could not survive with in my closet. I wear them over and over again and I never tire to recommend them to my friends.

I also love J.Crew because it's a brand that inspires me - the "Looks we love" feature on the website never fails to give me new and fresh ideas on how to style new and existing items. Each season I wait with anticipation to see what Jenna Lyons and Tom Mora are going to show in the next collection: will it be sequins with denim? Yellow and beige? Track bottoms with heels? I often see the new collection and find myself coveting all sorts of things I didn't even know I needed - and why? Because J.Crew makes them wearable and most times more affordable than designer pieces.

I've also had the great pleasure of meeting the people behind the brand: from Jenna to Tom Mora (if you missed it read my interview with Jenna Lyons from The ICONS Update by clicking here), and I have gained a deeper understanding of the brand's philosophy. I love how they source their fabrics in the best factories around the world and how each item is so lovingly made.

So when the team in New York asked me to head to Paris and check out the new (and first) French store in the Marais, it was really a no brainer. My task: head to Jenna's favourite Parisian spots and photograph one outfit I loved in each location.  From the Tour Eiffel, to St. Germain and the iconic Jardin des Tuileries, follow me every last Tuesday of the month on a little journey through Paris as I play dressup in my favourite items.

We start this journey in the J.Crew Rue Malher store, where Eva K.Salvi followed me taking pictures of every single detail I loved - I hope you enjoy the tour and don't forget to log on tomorrow to see my first outfit at the Jardin des Tuileries, the same one I wore at the Chanel show.






Find the J.Crew Marais store at:
12 Rue Malher, Paris - +33 1 44 54 57 50
Shop the collection online on 

Photos Eva K. Salvi  


X said...

Awesome! You lucky girl!

Josie said...

I still haven't paid a trip to J Crew! I'm not sure I can trust myself there though, so many lovely things...I think I'd leave very poor indeed x

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