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Monday, 26 October 2015

The all-parties party skirt

I was recently on a shoot where I got to wear a fabulous statement skirt, one of those items that from the you moment you put it on you know you could wear it to a dozen different party occasions, from a smart dinner at friends house, to Thanksgiving, Christmas day and even New Year.

Philospohy di Lorenzo Serafini

It may be because I have already started working on our Wardrobe ICONS party issues or because I've done a few interviews were asked what I will be wearing during the party season, but the moment I clocked this  Philospohy di Lorenzo Serafini skirt from  Luisa Via Roma I thought it would be one of those great little investment/multitasking pieces that I could wear over and over again from everything to jumpers, shirts and T-shirt.

I obviously couldn't wait to wear it for something more appropriate so I wore it at the weekend with a slouchy jumper, Jimmy Choo lace heels for a dinner party (I was totally overdressed but who cares!). I love it so much I may very well wear it again this weekend to Halloween party.. very stylishly witchy!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini layered tulle skirt £460 


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Unknown said...

OMG, love this skirt. xx

Unknown said...

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