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Thursday, 8 October 2015

WIT refurb new buys (from my sick bed)

So as it turns out, spending four days in bed with the flu can be quite detrimental to ones bank account! But this time I didn't go crazy on shoes, bags or a new cashmere scarf but on all things 'homey". My flat is about 80% finished, but there are still lots of finishing touches that I would like to add here and there, but who has the time to look through a zillion websites for the perfect cushion, softest throw and new napkins? Not me... unless, I'm bed bound for 72 hours! So I finally came round to buying new cushions for the bedroom and sofa, contemplated the idea of putting up a fern print feature wall in my bathroom, finally found the grey wine glasses I had been looking for and bought a new chair for my desk (the Eames plastic one I have really hurt my bum!!). Plus, I accidentally splurged on some new stationery, new napkins (lots of dinner parties coming up for the Christmas period!?!?) and on scented candles with my whole family's initials and bough a couple of extra mugs in case the ones I have get trashed! It's been a productive few days and here is the fruit of my labor!

I posted this pic on Instagram of my Ikea chest of drawers the other day - it had the ugliest handles and I researched right, left and center for a set that would make it look a bit cooler. A really lovely Instagram follower pointed me in the direction of this Swedish company called NU Interiors and I bought by medium size great leather handles from them just before the summer. I only got around to put them on recently and here is the final effect. I LOVE them! Oh and the vase is also new from Clifton Nurseries in London, the mirror (£175) and the lamp base (£99) from John Lewis and lamp from  shade from Fermoie.


Jennifer Shepherd said...

Hi Laura,

These are some lovely purchases. Actually, I'm wondering where you purchased the wingback chair, piled high with your cushions and throw. It's lovely and is just the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Many thanks in anticipation,


Emma Chassels said...

Hi Laura, loving your upcycled Ikea dresser, did you paint the white stain version or is this the white Ikea one that is slightly more creamy? Got my first baby girl on the way and desperately trying to get her nursery finished, getting inspired by this post. Love your blog btw xx

Emma Chassels said...

Hi Laura, loving your upcycled Ikea hemnes dresser. Did you paint the white stain version (if so what paint colour?) or is this the white Ikea hemnes dresser which looks more creamy? I am desperately trying to get the nursery sorted for my first wee girl who is due in November and am inspired by your post! Love your blog btw xx

London Bride said...

Hi Laura, I've had my eye on the West Elm office desk chair, as I work from home. Is it comfortable so far?

WIT said...

Super comfy and to my surprise it even swings around so PERFECT for a desk! I'm thrilled with it xx

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