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Monday, 21 March 2016

The Isabel Marant spring jacket

Celine suglasses, J.Crew jumper, Topshop jeans, Aurora bag, IM Etoile jacket and shoes

I bought a scarf print short Isabel Marant Etoile cotton quilted jacket when I was on my first maternity leave and wore it endlessly. It's the sort of smart casual wardrobe staple that can really make a different to your jeans and T-shirt look; so when I was in Paris at the end of January I put my head in the store in St. Germain to try on a longer style that I had seen on the Internet.

It also comes in the short cropped style like my red one - it's perfect with jeans, cargo pants and even over little dresses. I opted for the longer version, it seemed like the perfect cover up for spring, not too heavy not too light and mainly something I don't feel precious about but instantly gives a little touch to my outfit.

Isabel Marant Étoile  Elmer reversible quilted jacket  £330

I find Isabel Marant Etoile does that for me, I have bought so many things form the diffusion line and I love that effortless Parisian style with a bohemian slant to it. From T-shirts to dresses and shoes, here are some of my favourite pieces in store now.

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Unknown said...

Such a lovely jacket, a jacket with pattern is always a great piece to have! x

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