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Friday, 25 March 2016

WIT mama Friday: How I'm (not) preparing for baby number two and my intreview with NINE IN THE MIRROR

A few weeks ago the lovely team from Nine in the Mirror and I spent a day at home playing dressing up and talking about all things motherhood. I got to wear one of the most dreamy Valentino gowns and the turnout was a sweet shoot in Greta's bedroom with pictures of me and my 7 months bumps that I will treasure forever, and a little account of how I am (not) preparing for baby number two. Here's a little extract from my intreview on the website, but head here for the whole feature.

"Motherhood inevitably changes you, yet sometimes this shift occurs so imperceptibly that you don’t realise your perspective has shifted until you look back. For Laura Fantacci, stylist and co-founder of online shopping platform Wardrobe ICONS, it was embracing change itself. “I used to be, or still am, a very controlling and organised person. Having a plan and sticking to it, having a to do list. Becoming a mother has taught me to let go and understand that its ok not to finish the to-do list” 

Mother to a three-year-old daughter Greta Zita, Laura is currently pregnant with her second child. “This time hopefully it’ll be easier as I’ve already loosened up,” she says with a laugh. “I remember saying to my friends [about having Greta] ‘Oh it’ll be fine, I’ve got a file on how I’m going to do this.’ No, it really doesn’t work that way. It has taught me to embrace changes and things you haven’t planned. It’s something so new and inexperienced, the whole job comes with lots of changes within yourself, which can be difficult. But I’ve learnt just to go with it.”

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enida said...

Hi Laura,

Can you please tell me where is the white bookshelf from? Thank you!


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