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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Travel in style

This is a subject of constant debate, how to look comfortably stylish when travelling? As a mere mortal, who carries her own luggage, takes trains to and from the airport, and flies low-cost, no-baggage, no-seat kind of airlines, I've developed a few rules of my own. I stick to these no matter the length of the flight, and wear smarter for work and casual for leisure.
  • Layers. The more the better, this includes a soft cashmere scarf and a pair of socks in my handbag. I never know what the temperature will be in airports or on the plane.
  • Colours. I keep them tonal at all times, preventing the "bag lady" look.
  • Stylish cover-up. Today it's a belted denim jacket, but if I was travelling for work it would be a navy blazer.
  • Waist line: it's got to be loose, harem trousers and leggings are always my first choice.
  • Carry-on. No point in making all this effort, and then dragging an Argos trolley. I recently invested in this smart Anya Hindmarch piece of luggage and it makes me feel a million dollars!
Diesel denim jacket, Cos knit, H&M harem trousers and stripy belt, R&B ballerinas, Dorothy Perkins chain bag, Anya Hindmarch trolley.

Check out Anya's travel range- I love it!


Anonymous said...

brava!!! looks really comfortable..... si puà mettere anche quando non si è in viaggio???? Miss T

Anonymous said...

only you!!!!zarina

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