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Monday, 11 October 2010

Cargo trousers

Cargo pants is one of my favorite style trousers- off duty roll them up and wear them with flats, on duty dress them up with a blouse, heels and sharp tailored blazer or make them cool with a stripy top, leather jacket and wedge boots. My pair is an old style from Zara but here are a few other great ones.

Zara trousers, Petit Bateau jumper, Chanel bag, Primark leopard print ballerinas
Zadig & Voltaire cargo pants £170

J Brand Houlihan cargo pant £245
J Brand cargo pant £230


Unknown said...

I love them too :) Def need a pair in my wardrobe :)

U look great. I love it that you combined it with a striped top :)

Kelly said...

Love the cargos with the leopard flats!


Anonymous said...

love the stripe top too, def good to pair up cargo trousers with something brighter!


Meera said...

I love your outfit today Laura :) I am also obsessed with stripes! You inspired me to get some similar cargo pants in brown. You have also made me realise that it is worth it to invest in good tights - after years of buying multipacks I am going treat myself to Wolford! X

Anonymous said...

This blog has gone right down hill. So disappointed.

WIT said...

Anonymous, I'm so sorry you feel this way. Let me know if there is anything I can do to win you back??

Kate said...

I love this outfit - cargo pants are such a wardrobe staple, and look brilliant dressed up or down. Really love your leopard print flats too.

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