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Friday, 22 October 2010

Tricky one: harem trousers

Harem musts:
1- Always wear with high heels
2- If you are over 25, try pairing with a smart blazer
3- Opt for soft fabrics like cashmere, wool and jersey in darker colours- they drape better and are more slimming
4- For the day, keep them cool with a sweater and ankle boots
5- For the night, dress up with a high heeled courts and a fitted top

Not for everyone, but so comfy!

Petit Bateau top, Cos cashmere harem trousers, New Look ankle boots, YSL bag

... my selection of great buys coming soon. x


Anonymous said...

I must say you pull them off well. The boots and the bag definitely make it though x

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

Interesting...every other fashion blog and magazine has reported that harems are officially OUT, as confirmed at London Fashion Week?

WIT said...

in? out? who cares!! WIT motto is: "take what you like and leave the rest behind" xx

Unknown said...

Can you give us some advice: what body type should avoid harem trousers? Thanks for help!

silo said...

Do definitely agree with laura! well done!! x

WIT said...

Ciao natasa, of course. Harem can be really good for curvy, bottom heavy shapes as they "disguise" tricky bits. If you are really petite maybe not as they can make legs look a little short (hence the high heels mist ;-)
Hope it helps! xx WIT

Seattle Froggatts said...

Can't find that grey sweatshirt anywhere! Any ideas??
Love this look on you!

Bex said...

Can't find that grey top anywhere! Any ideas? Love this look on you!

Kelly said...

You pull the look off nicely! :)

Unknown said...

Hello WIT,

Were the gorgeous boots you've been sporting a recent purchase? I've been scouring the London stores and virtual web, though alas, to no avail.

Thaking you,
C x

Anonymous said...

my mate wears hers with flats and they look fab but she is uber skinny

WIT said...

Ciao girls! ok so the Petit Bateau sweatshirt you can probably find a similar version in American Apparel or even American Vintage. As for the boots unfortunately they are last season New look but I know that Russell and Bromley do a very similar style. Good luck in your searches and let me know how you get on! xx

Bex said...

I have found a similar sweatshirt at jcrew.com!

Veshoevius said...

"in? out? who cares!! WIT motto is: "take what you like and leave the rest behind"
Bravo! I couldn't agree more.
The magazine's always try to kill off things in order to sell new things - it get's tiresome listening to them. Love harems, just bought a couple more this season because as you say they are really really comfortable and those who know how to rock them look great in them. Great tips and you look fab!

WIT said...

I'm glad we all agree! WIT is all about a little bit of daily outfit "inspiration". You may dig out your stripy top and accessorise it with an old necklace, you may feel the compulsion of buying something new or simply move on and wait for the next post for something more you. Don't take fashion too seriously, dressing in the morning should always be fun! ;-) love WIT

Bex- so glad you found the top!!! Send me a picture with you in it PLEASE - I am updating my You're WIT section and would love to see all your amazing WIT-finds! xx

Check out the section here:


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