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Monday, 25 October 2010

Winter LBD's

The perfect LBD should work both with a belted cardigan in the day or  onit's own at night. It looks great both with flats and high heels, looks stunning accessorised with  a statement necklace, belt or shoes. It's that versatile little number that you can throw on any given day and always makes you feel well dressed. My favorite LBD is this Burberry sample sale find and today I am styling it with leopard print accessories.

From the right:  Jospeh paneled dress £270 Joseph belted dress £295 By Malene Birger £219 and Theory £260 all at my-wardrobe.com

Burberry LBD, Boden belt, Primark ballerinas

What's your favorite LBD?
I would love to see it for my section "You're WIT today" send me your photos at wearingittoday@gmail.com
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PinkVale said...

you look lovely, are you italian? In that case, me too. Many compliments for your blog, I think it's very useful in order to get dressed in the everyday routine and also in the night! What I also notice is that you're able to look very cute and chic even with simple items and without "charging" your outfits too much with strange accesories, jewelry, etc..

Elena said...

my fav LBD is a DVF wool dress. Now I only have to find someone who can take a pic of me :)

WIT said...

Ciao ValeF, yes i am italian and thank you so much for all your kind words and support! I hope you will find WIT full of inspiration and don't forget to send me a photo of you in your WIT-outfit if you buy something off it! xx

Elena.. can't wait to see your DVF number!!

Ramona said...

semplice, originale...and beautiful!!!

Laura58 said...

I'm italian too, (from Milan) and fifty two, but... I love WIT because give me precious tips to mix and match my classic wardrobe with trendy pieces.
I read it every day. :)
I like very much the LBD with leopard belt and shoes! It's so young and at same time classic and chic!
I'll try with my Luisa Spagnoli vintage LBD, that is simply fabolous. Thank you, Laura.
Laura R.

Caradiaz said...

Love the Burberry dress (not so keen on the other four shown) but love even more the leopard print belt & shoes, which I am actually wearing today: belt from Zara and shoes from Abro.

Lowhighfashion said...

Era venuto il dubbio proprio la settimana scorsa anche a me che fossi italiana...ti vesti troppo bene per essere inglese...ihihih : )

Come sempre ti vesti benissimo,il mio stile,mi piace proprio!

Se ti va di partecipare al giveaway del mio blog,qui l'indirizzo



Elena said...

love your ballerinas too, btw. I told you your blog is not good for my wallet :-)))

Kelly said...

I love the leopard accents in this outfit!

Juliet said...


Would you mind giving me some ideas for knitwear/ coats to wear with your LBD or a similar length dress with short sleeves for Autumn/ Winter?
I would be tempted to put a layer underneath (my dresses are not as formal as yours). What would you suggest?

Many thanks!

WIT said...

Ciao Juliet! thank you for your comment. The beauty of an LBD is it's versatility- so anything looks good with it: from a denim jacket to a double breast coat, a trench or a tweed coat. I would say keep the length equal or longer but aside from that, there are no rules. xx

Kate said...

LOVE this outfit - a black dress paired with some cute shoes is my work wardrobe winter staple! x

Juliet said...

Thank you WIT. Loving the leopard print accents!

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