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Monday, 13 December 2010

Party tricks

Party season is upon us and this week I thought I would talk about all my favorite party tricks.  Number one on the list is how to transform a work look into an evening look. Start with a basic outfit of skirt, top and flats- add an eye catching  accessory (my Prada necklace will do the job), a bold  bit of make up (Nars red lizard is perfect) and a pair of sky high heels. Now are good to go!

Top Shop top, Prada necklace, Marni skirt, RB brogues


Anonymous said...

I want that top!!!! Is it in topshop at the moment?

Natasa said...

I hope you won't mind my saying that I somehow prefer nude/pinkish lipsticks on you. Red is too strong I think.
Love the outfit! And the top - is it availible at the moment?

Jasmin said...

Bella bella bella!

Anonymous said...

Please can you tell me where the necklace is from (not the one you're wearing, but the other one). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ciao Laura,
posso chiederti un consiglio?
Ho appena acquistato un abitino con spalline, tutto in pailletes sul grigio/nero/argento.
Lo indosserĂ² ad una cena. Cosa posso metterci sopra? una giacca nera? Tu cosa mi consigli?
Anna (ti prego, continua ad aggiornare sempre il tuo sito con i tuoi outfit, sono sempre una fonte di ispirazione!!!)

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