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Thursday, 12 May 2011

This works

If you are looking for chic denim, would like a pair of jeans that go from work to week-end and want to seriously elongate you legs (works on me, and I'm tiny), flared jeans are the answer to all of your question. WIT isn't usually big on celebrity fashion, but I have to make an exception this time because every time I see Claudia Schiffer's MIH Marrakesh's  look I find her so effortlessly chic and inspirational. 

To shop the MIH Marrakesh jean CLICK HERE

Also check out the video that myself and the Red fashion team filmed for this month's 
"Can I wear this?"


Anonymous said...

:) I'm wearing the same type of jeans today (but levi's)! I confirm they do the job.

Anonymous said...

Mi piace molto questo post, anche io vorrei comprare un paio di flared jeans, mi piacciono molto. Comunque oggi ho acquistato il nuovo numero di Red, complimenti per il servizio a pag.34!!! Adriana

Rosie said...

I think your style is great but would you be offended if I suggested you made an appointment with Rigby and Peller? With best intentions and Happy Wedding Day X R

becky said...

Love love loving the flare jeans, i got got the J Brand Lovestory oh so comfy anf flattering.
These jeans are great also.
Check out my fashion blog www.fashionbex.com


Veebers said...

Oh you're so cute! These really elongate your leg don't they. And I think you're given Mrs Schiffer a run for her money! :-)


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