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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Over night trip toParis

Going to Paris for one night on a press trip and a well organised wardrobe is essential. I'm travelling by Eurostar in the morning, meeting pr's in Paris for some shopping time, then cocktails, dinner, catwalk show and party. The key for me is to travel comfortably, look the part and bring only essentials, so here are my tips:

  1. One small stylish trolley- mine is from Anya and I love it, worth investing in.
  2. One large holdall- mine is from Jimmy Choo and sits perfectly on top of my trolley.
  3. One smaller bag that can work as a day or an evening clutch- mine is from Chanel and works worn across the body in the day, then I tuck in the chain and use it as a clutch bag in the evening.

  1. Lingerie (I have a great linen bag with zip that says Clean on one side and Dirty on the other)
  2. Day shoes (flats)
  3. Evening shoes (black heels- comfortable as you may well not get a cab in Paris)
  4. Evening LBD
  5. Extra t-shirt for next day travel
  6. Great travel outfit: jeans, flats, t-shirt, trench, sunnies.

Hair and Make up case and in your hand bag...



Anonymous said...

perfect timing! I am in the middle of packing for an overnight trip to Madrid!

Unknown said...

Ooh where's the picture?! I am going on a two-night trip to Paris soon so I'm super-keen to see this post!

Nicki x

Anonymous said...

DESPERATE for this pic Laura as i am leaving tomorrow morning! please let us see what you are taking - you are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

At last!

Love it! I am taking very similar- LBD for dinnner and jeans and tops and navy blazer to travel, and a stripey dress for day 2 with the jeans.

have a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Woo, i lvoe these kind of travel packing posts!, thankyou, you have given me inspiration. Less is more i think :)

Unknown said...

My, how organized....
LBD is a wonderful idea. It's always perfect, day and night, with a trench or something less casual. I don't travel without a LBD or at least a pair of black trousers and a chic shirt.
Ciao da Milano

Anonymous said...

Love this post!! Daria

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