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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wit Wedding Wednesday: pre-wedding work out

Not long to your wedding? Just over a month to mine, so in a post-Italian style Easter panic I've enlisted the help of Patricia, a personal trainer, for a little bit of pre-wedding  "toning up". Patricia's first question was: "What kind of body do you aspire to have?",  I had to think twice because I never really thought about it , but then it occurred to me that I love the womanly yet perfectly toned body that Jennifer Aniston has. To achieve that Californian bikini body (good luck to me!) Patricia  has given me an achievable, 45 minute work out routine to do 3 times a week. I'm usually not big on work out so I've asked her to to be realistic!  Here is what I do in the park (but you can do it at home too) in the morning:

  1. Start by skipping as if you had a rope on the spot for 5 mins. 
  2. Then on anything that you can step on, with a decent height and safe do the step ups x20, press ups x15, squats x20, dips x15, repeat the sequence 3 x. 
  3. Walking lunges 2x 20, 
  4. Knee taps 30 secs, 
  5. Standing on one leg, opposite hand to foot 2x15 each, 
  6. Squat jumps 15x. 
  7. Then on the floor arms straight 1 leg hip raises 2x15 each, 
  8. Flat on your tummy lifting legs up 3x 20. 
  9. Standing again 2x20 walking lunges, 
  10. 30 secs knee taps. 
  11. Back on the floor, plank on elbows and toes 2x 20 secs, 
  12. Plank on 1 leg 15 secs each, 
  13. Laying on your back legs up rolling the hips 2x 15, 
  14. Crunch 2x 20, 
  15. Double crunch (last 2 together) 2x15. 
  16. Stretch. 

My perfect body inspiration


pelininstyle said...

great inspiration photos:)

ilaria said...

Good luck Laura, it sounds like a good regime.
You look great already by the way!


Monica said...

beh non sei molto diversa dalla grande jennifer. anzi! complimenti sempre per il tuo stile!
aspetto di vedere qualche foto di te vestita da sposa.
ciao Monica di Venezia che ti segue ogni giorno

Siena in Style said...

i love jennifer!!

Anonymous said...

I think we could do with some tips on what weding guests should wear this spring / summer - we can't all be the bride!!!

Quezia said...

I've missed you...
I'm glad you are back!
Many kissessss

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