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Monday, 12 December 2011

Shopping for an occasion

Happy Monday everyone, here I am at my new desk! Today I 'm wearing a pair of blue trousers I bought at the outlets back in September. At the moment I'm loving coloured trousers and at the week end bought a pair to wear on Christmas day. I love shopping for an occasion and saving the wear for a specific day. These fab red trousers from French Connection are on sale and look fabulous on, I'm going to wear with killer heels and a cosy jumper on Christmas day. For Boxing Day I've opted for a stretchy wool dress to wear with opaques and flats. Still looking for fun pretty dress for Christmas eve... thinkind red or black..
My Chritmas day trousers..

My Boxind Day dress..


Anonymous said...

i love your bag!! may i know where did you get it?

Melinda said...

Love the blue trousers, very nice!
I'm obsessing with red jeans at the moment. Can't get enough colour!

Z Bird said...

I really like the trousers but do you not get cold in them since they are cropped and also in your flats? I am cold just looking at you ;)

Veebers said...

Saw some beautiful purple trousers in new look today, and have decided to go back for them for Xmas day outfit! I did think wait for new year but they are so cute and will look lovely with sequin shoots and casual tee.
Thanks for enabling Laura teehee ;-)

Sophie said...

What are those flats?

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