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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer holiday special - holiday read (part 1)

Guess what my holiday read is on the beach? Well RED, of course! I don't really read my section as I finally get a chance to catch up on the rest of the magazine: I loved my colleagues Nicola Rose's pink main fashion shoot in Barbados, Alex Stedman's page on travelling on a budget in Berlin, Mary Norden's food section and the beauty editor's tips on the perfect DIY pedicure. I also always love reading my editor Sam Baker editor's letter, I always get a little excited when she mentions me - not this month ;-) If you get a chance take a look at my Red Shops "Holiday Special" in the July section: lots of juicy buys, my new WIT-style page on packing like a pro and much more!

Some of my  of my tips this month:

  Pre-pack your sunscreen essentials in a waterproof case, this way when you arrive all you have to do is dump it in your beach bag and you're sure not to have forgotten anything. 

Have a pedicure at www.blissworld.co.uk  and pack Seche Vite to freshen up your polish throughout your holiday

 Looking for a holiday one-stop website? My favourite  is www.heidiklein.com it has everything you could need for your holiday.

Log on tomorrow for part 2 of my holiday read. x


Jardzy said...

I have bookmarked your post on "back like a pro" and read it before I go anywhere.

Natalie Boenker said...

I love that black one piece that is shown above! Any idea where I could order that stateside? Love your blog too!

fashion raccoon said...

I started reading your blog and then bought Red magazine for the first time. Now every time I read a post like this I think 'hmmm, i must buy Red again...'

Also, I now live by your 'Pack three of everything rule' - works everytime!! xxx

WIT said...

Thank you girls! Glad my tips are working. Will always let you know if I find new clever devices to pack light and stylishly at the same time ;-) x

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