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Friday, 22 June 2012

WIT's Baby Friday: Shower Party

I recently organised my sister's shower party back in Italy and had a world of fun! It does however take a lot of careful planning and patience especially if you are dealing with an extended guest list. i wanted hers to be a bit of a surprise so we just agreed on a day and I asked her for her wish list of friends. from there on, I took over. Here's a little account on how I got everything together, from food to decoration, invites and thank you goodie bags. I hope you enjoy it!

First things first, gather your inspiration. I love Snippet and Ink, it's actually a wedding blog, I use to look at it for entire evenings when organising my wedding, but it's so visually  beautiful you can find inspiration for any party. I wanted to recreate a bit of an english garden tea party back in Italy and these images helped me keep to a theme.

One thing that I've learned working as a fashion and shopping editor is to stick to a colour palette. things work so much better visually when you have a clear palette in your mind. My sister is not finding out what her baby is so mine couldn't be gender specific. I chose a palette of lilac, yellow and greens. 

Invites were next, and that's where I have so much fun! I used runner stamps on plain brown folded cards and bought cupcake shaped stickers from Paperchase to decorate the front. 

Rubber stamps from Liberty London

It's always a nice gesture to give your guests a small favour or thank you present as they leave your party. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could be a a little nail varnish, a hand written card or a little charm. I got a little friendship bracelet for each friend and stamped the brown card with a "Thank You" rubber stamp.  

I used the same yellow chalk based pen to write all addresses to keep everything consistent (remember your colour palette).

A cost effective way to wrap presents is to use tissue paper, it comes in an array of beautiful colours and it's much cheaper than buying proper wrapping paper. Using a grosgrain ribbon gives the package an expensive touch. A beautifully wrapped present makes all the difference!

Always have a lovely card too- I loved this one I got from Liberty. Get everyone to leave a little message  so your friend can read later and keep as a little memento.

Ta da!

Decoration is up next on the list with flowers. I bought a few bunches of pretty flowers and then arranged them in small vases of different heights. This way you can scatter them around the table and the room.

I  wash and keep pretty perfume bottles, candle vases and glass with cute shapes. I have a big selection of small bottles to use as flower vases for parties. these are some of the ones from my wedding that came handy again.

And here's the result!

Food is a vital in my family, we love a good meal and on this occasion I knew my sister would have loved an English style high tea complete with clotted cream and scones. Here's the menu for her tea... 


Earl Grey tea
Apricot Juice

Assorted macaroons
Fruit scones with Clotted cream and Strawberry Jam
Chocolate rolls
Chocolate marbled and Blueberry muffins
Carrot cake and Chocolate frosted mini cup cakes 
Lemon drizzle cake
Chocolate buisquits
Liquorice sweets 
Caramel popcorn

Ham and butter & Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches

Decoration is up next. My mum and I set up the dining table with a white linen table cloth and mis-matched crockery sets. 

We hang up bunting and scattered lilac and white balloons in the room.

We arranged yummy tea cakes, chocolates, sweets and cup cakes that we displayed in a selection of different plates and stands. 

More super cute bunting selection from www.notonthehighstreet.com

 I love this Anthropologie Cake stand £138
icon and Hobnail pitcher £58

The table looked scrumptious and the food delicious.. so much so there was nothing left when all the guest left.

Doesn't it look delicious? 

A few "bump-friendly" dresses for the perfect shower party


Time to open some presents!


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely! Your sister must have been thrilled.

RONDA said...


Lonely Greenshoe said...

Che organizzazione perfetta! In caso ti stancassi di fare la stylist (cosa che trovo difficile ;-) ) avresti certamente un futuro come party/wedding planner!


Mandy said...

Amazing post and shower, and you're looking so good with your bump! You're making me broody for all the wrong reasons! I have 3 already! x

Jardzy said...

Yours should be equal or better!

Anonymous said...

absolutely charming :)
congrats to the both of you!

Anonymous said...

delizioso post pieno di ispirazioni e ..ricordi!!! brava A

juliemarg said...

I like the colors of the dresses!

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