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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer holiday special - holiday read (part 2)

Part two of my "Holiday Read" summer special week with more from July's Red shopping pages. I had so much fun compiling this feature, I wanted it to be a comprehensive guide on all the best classic and update pieces you can pack for your summer holiday. I spent hours editing down to just the very best and thinking of ways you could make the most of these buys. There's the classic holiday pieces, ways to update a beach cober-up from day to night and even what nail polish to pair with your new flat sandals! I hope you enjoy looking thorugh it (and shopping) as much as I did putting this together.

 Lots of love from Sardinia x


On this page: an alternative beach cover-up is to wear a cable knit cotton top like the white Reiss one I featured above- wear it with low slung or even high waist bikini briefs and doubles up as a jumper for chilly evenings. Tres chic! 

I also really love this J.Crew Cotton cable-knit sweater £80 - I would buy I size up for a casual fit.

My favourite tip on this page is the fab sandals edit (all high street and all super reasonably priced) and the polish to wear them with. I asked the beauty assistant to help me with this, she opened the doors to the beauty cupboard which is an absolute heaven and I got to choose the polishes I loved from a huge box of lacquers. so much fun.

My favourite sandals are these cobalt, silver and white leather beauties from Monsoon Lydford Sandal £25.00

Another pair I love (and I've just ordered) are these Top Shop FELIX Silver Glitter Sandals £40.00 it was a struggle to decide weather to go for silver or gold, but opted for silver in the end.

Stuck for ideas on what's the perfect travel outfit? See below for comfort meets classic travel chic: stripy top, lightweight cardi, chinos and a pair of bright Converse high tops.

I don't know if you know this, but Red magazine also has an online shop called RedDirect www.reddirect.co.uk - it sells the cutest little jewellery and I fell in love with this Pink Powder evil eye bracelet £39 which also comes in navy. Wear at the beginning of the summer and layer up with even more.


Antonella said...

since I follow your "howtopack"posts I pack lighter and end up using EVERYTHING!!! thank you!!!

george said...

Fantastic post - very informative!
Georgia | frecklie.blogspot.com

WIT said...

Thank you, I always love "Packing" stories too. Will keep it up x

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