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Monday, 21 October 2013

New purchase alert: LK Bennett almost flats

Gap jumper, J.Brand coated jeans, LK Bennett flats, Chanel bag, Accessorize earrings
Last week I finally got my hands on a pair of flats I had been eyeing for a while, they are called the Holly and are from LK Bennett. Reasons for instant love:

Pointy - I'm obsessed with pointy shoes mainly because they have a real leg lengthening effect. 

Black - perfect winter shoe and goes with everything 

Sturdy - they are a proper shoe because let's face it, if you live in London you need that with the weather.

Tini tiny heel - they are effectively flats but have the smallest heels which is square for comfort and gives your legs an extra lift 

Toe cleavage - just the right amount so that when you wear them with tights these don't curl put at the front (hate that look). 

They come in three styles, all black, tweed with a black point and black with a  royal blue point. For some reason I can't find the all black version on the website, but if you go in store it sits with the other Holly's. 

The Holly £155


Amy said...

I love your jumper! Is that in the shops at the moment?
Shame we can't see your earrings...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the outfit! Would you prefer these pointed flats over the Whistles ones? Xx

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit (are those trousers coated half way or is that just a shadow?). Would have been good to get a close up of how the shoes look on your feet. Love the look of them... I was out looking for similar shoes to this yesterday! I've never heard the term 'toe cleavage' before tho! Must be a stylist thing! Not sure I like the sound of it - sound like they might look like they don't fit properly? x

WIT said...

A few answers to your questions:

Yes the Gap jumper is on store now, or should be this week!
I think i prefer the LK Bennett flats.. I love the small heel.
Toe cleavage is just the way to describe how low is the cut at the front- i Like these ones because it's not to deep.
Hope it helps! x

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