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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

COUNTDOWN TO MATERNITY: WIT'S TOP 10 LOOKS OF 2015/2016 (as liked by you)

The time has come to go on maternity leave and put my feet up for a few weeks before my second baby arrives. To celebrate these last two weeks together I've come up with a few posts looking back at WIT and some of your favourite content. First up is "WIT'S TOP 10 LOOKS OF 2015/2016 (as liked by you)". I recently downloaded an App on my iPhone that allows me to see which posts are most popular on Instagram, and this is the Top 10 chart of your all time favourite looks of the past twelve months. 

It was so interesting to see, because as I was going through them I noticed that the things you love, are the ones I love too: a statement skirt, fab accessories and a glitter shoe, but also all of those wardrobe staples like a stripe top, a grey sweater and a white shirt - those key staples that made me want to start the concept of Wardrobe ICONS as an extension to WIT. So whilst I'm gone, and if you think you might miss me a little (I'm sure I will miss you!), don't worry because Wardrobe ICONS and The ICONS Update will continue to provide you with a little form WIT fix on a weekly basis.

So, without further a due... here are the looks you liked the most:

The statement skirt 
I remember this day - I was rushing around and had a work dinner with Kate Spade in the evening and I opted for a fun skirt and plain top. I've always loved statement skirts - I love their versatility, the fact that you can dress them up and down and that you can choose from so many different styles. I have everything from dramatic neon pink maxi skirts to sequin ones and raffia fringed pencil skirts and never tire of them. They have become such a thing, that Net-a-Porter now has a whole section just dedicated to Statement Skirts (that I love!).

Whistles skirt and top, J.Crew shoes, Mango bag
The grey sweater 

A grey sweater is a WIT must-buy, I couldn't live without mine. Despite having a shelf packed with them I wear each one of them on a regularly basis. Jenna Lyons gave me a little tip that has served me so well - when you find something you love buy it in different sizes, maybe one up or down, that way you can style it differently depending on the fit and look you are trying to achieve. I have fitted ones I like to wear with baggier bottoms and vice versa, but also different necklines and thicknesses for different seasons. My favourite grey sweater will always be a Tippi sweater from J.Crew though...

Gap jumpers, Lorenzo Serafini for Philosophy skirt, Jimmy Choo shoes
The bold colour move 

Despite loving a basic and having started a business revolving around it, I couldn't live without a Transformer in my wardrobe. Be it a statement accessory, a fun clutch or a bright pink jumpsuits, I love fashion too much not to be tempted by seasonal trends and making a few wild buys. This Topshop Made in Britain blindingly bright pink jumpsuit was one of those buys and I absolutely love it! I wore it on the cover of The ICONS Update and somehow I think it really sums me up: 'classic, but with a twist!". 

Topshop jumpsuit, Accessorize clutch, Gianvito Rossi sandals
The stripe T-shirt
I'm so glad one of my maternity looks made it into your Top 10, and even more glad to see that involves a stripe top. This is another WIT favourite and something I often go-to when I don't know what to wear. I would actually go as far as calling it a wardrobe saviour. My favourite is the Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy T-shirt - I love the long sleeves and slouchy fit. One heads up, get the white and navy (not the ecru). 

J.Crew T-shirt, Stella McCartney cape, Topshop maternity jeans Chanel shoes and bags
The jumpsuit 
You obviously love a jumpsuit! After the success of the pink one, I bought the same exact style but in a more wearable colour and wore it so much, both day and evening with a smart clutch and heels - this was me wearing it to work. There is something so incredibly comfortable about a jumpsuit and I think it adapts well to any age. I prefer something with a sleeve and would always go a size up to get that effortless fit.

Topshop jumpsuit, KG shoes, Antonello bag
The leather skirt 

I think what you probably loved about this look was the thigh high boots, but what I picked up on in terms of wardrobe staples is the leather skirt, or leather bottom. I have everything from culottes, trousers, leggings to three different style skirts (full, mini and pencil) and wear them all the time. The great thing about leather is that you buy it once (clean lines and of good quality) and never ever have to buy it again. So think well and hard before purchasing a style, as real leather tends to be expensive and you want to opt for something that will last a really long time in your wardrobe. Whistles always has a good leather staple - and so do we in our ICONS section.

Isabel Marant Etoile jumper and boots, Whistles leather skirt, Bally bag
The trench

At number 4 is the trench. How could it not be? Easily also at number 4 in my own hit parade of wardrobe must-haves, the trench coat is an item every woman in her late twenties early thirties should save to buy and will wear for the rest of her life. Fact. So if you don;t have one yet, you should! It's the perfect in-between season jacket, so chic, so timeless and will never ever fail to make you feel stylish and put together even on the days where you are wearing the equivalent of your pajama underneath. The one and only to buy - Burberry!

Burberry trench, J.Crew top, Day Birger jeans, Miu Miu shoes
The boho dress 
I love a little boho touch here and there and I remember falling in love with this Monsoon dress which I wore on a night out to celebrate my wedding anniversary. I like to do boho the dressed-up way, so would always pair my blouses with a designer bag or like in this case, a dress with fringed sandals and super slick clutch (the shoes were a fab Chloe buy and the clutch a another great wardrobe investment from Jil Sander). My rule is not to do hippy, I like a slick final effect. I'm glad it's a high-street look that made it at number three!

Monsoon dress, Jil Sander clutch, Chloe shoes
The white shirt  

At number two is the white shirt, obviously! Crisp, white, cotton the white shirt is most definitely an item that every woman should own. Find the style that works for you be it fitted, loose or boyfriend style and wear it with everything from your jeans, layered under jumpers, tucked into a pretty skirt and even as a beach cover up! My ultimate favourite styles of all time are the MiH Oversize Shirt (great with leggings and at the beach) and the Equipment Signature washed-silk shirt (perfect for smartening up just about anything and such a universally fabulous fit).

Gant shirt, MiH jeans, Valentino bag, Chanel shoes
The designer coat 
Ah! To think of the stick I got for this coat on Instagram ;-)
Well, it goes to show that a quality designer coat is at the top of your list too. Coats (and tailoring in general) is where to spend your money. You will never truly love a cheap coat, it can be a seasonal indulgence, but building a long lasting, quality winter coats closet has always been one of my absolute rules. This was the year I invested in a cape - it was something missing entirely from my wardrobe and I have, somewhat to my surprise, worn so much. I was pregnant and couldn't say at the time of this pic, so this coat served as a perfect maternity coat but it also works equally well in the day and as a smart evening coat.

Stella McCartney cape, J.Crew top and shoes, Gap jeans


Katie said...

All fantastic looks - I think my favourites are numbers 1 and 3 : ) I hope the upcoming months are very healthy and happy!
Katie x

carmen said...

Ciao Laura, sono tutti look meravigliosi...eh si, Wit ci mancherĂ !
complimenti e auguri per tutto!

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