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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring must-buy: the denim dress

The things I can still fit into to my surprise! I would have never thought I could squeeze myself (literally, my boobs are almost about to pop out of the fabric!) into this dress that I bought last year and have worn so much throughout last spring and summer. With the weather getting a bit warmer, I couldn't wait to slip into something other than my pregnancy jean and oversize jumpers, so I actually wore this ensemble at the weekend.

Unfortunately it is an old season dress from S Max Mara (a slightly cheaper diffusion line they do) so you can't get the same one, but it's given us an idea to try and find similar ones in next week's issue of The ICONS Update. So I'm working on it today -  stay tuned and check out Wardrobe ICONS next Tuesday so our edit of the best ones available now.


fromchootogoo said...

Loving this dress, so versatile for bumps, non bumps and mum tums! I look forward to see your findings!
Please keep sharing the fabulous maternity style
Sophie x


*C said...

You look gorgeous. I even think the dress looks nicer now than pre-pregnancy.

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