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Sunday, 17 April 2016

The WIT Refurb Sale (part two)

Getting ready to detox my wardrobes
Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I've embarked in the crazy task of moving homes quite literally as I prepare to give birth. Luckily I feel like I have everything under control, and even if I don't... so be it - you're more relaxed with number two.. right!?! Anyway, to make room for new things and declutter before the big move, I've decided to give my wardrobe another little detox and sell some of my things. 
Going through my denim box - I've got way too many!
The result of this you can see on my Instagram account @WITrefurbSALE that I reactivated this weekend. It's quite a time consuming project so things will go up when I have time, and more is to come. Please apologise creases on dresses and general lack of "styling" but as you can imagine, bending over to take photos and ironing is not something I can do easily with an 8 months bump! Everything I'm selling is obviously in good or perfect condition and only sold because I have to make room for a smaller (but walk-in) wardrobe.

If you would like to see what's gone up this weekend just follow me on @WITrefurbSALE on Instagram and keep checking in the next few weeks. If you like something that is still available, simply email me at wearingittoday@gmail.com and I will give you all payment information (PayPal only). One thing is that postage has to be arranged by the buyer - same reason as above, I can't make trips to the post office. I will wrap everything up and you can either send a courier (if you are London based) or book one like Hermes, cheaper than Royal Mail insured/signed for and very reliable.

Some of your buys ready to be picked up
Oh! And if you can't find anything you like on my Instagram, have a look at my Vestiare Collective account - there's a few things there you might like too!

Happy Shopping!
Laura x

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