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Friday 8 April 2016

WIT mama Friday: 10 little things that make all mamas happy on a bad day

I've had one too many sleepless nights and sick days in the last few months, but hey ho, we can't complain too much - right? When the going gets tough and I need a little pick me up, there are certain things that always make me feel better. Some come at a bit more of a cost, but most of them are actually life's little pleasures. Here are mine. Happy Fridays mamas!

1- A manicure or pedicure
I know I've said this before - but those 30 minutes to myslef, sitting in a plush chair either sipping on a hot chocolate, watching re-runs of Sex and the City or or simply checking through my Instagram feed, are a true moment of bliss. And then you walk out with perfectly manicured hands and feet, the antithesis of all thing non-perfect in motherhood! To me this is the ultimate pick me up. I love Cowshed... they know how to make me feel pampered and this week I had my nails painted in a super dark shade of plum called Roubachka from Chanel (the only place I found stocks most Chanel colours online is here - they sell out so quickly everywhere else).

2- Weekend papers in bed
I'm not keen on giving Greta free access to the iPad, I actually sometimes wonder if I'm a bit too strict with it, but sometimes I just throw my hands in the air and give up. Why? Because I just want 15 minutes of peace! If you have a 3 year old chatty, me me me me little one at the weekend you will know what I mean. So last Sunday I did something I had never done before: I shoved those head phones on her with total freedom to flick through her (pre-approved) Netflix account to watch whatever she wanted. And so I read, undisturbed, the weekend papers for two hours. BLISS.

3- On the sofa online shopping
It can be anything - my Ocado weekly shop, something new for the house or like this week, something for my summer box. It's just for that little thrill of a buy, and it always feels so good! I've missed it actually because being pregnant takes the joy out of shopping, yet with summer soon approaching and a bump free life ahead of me I have had that urge to shop again. I was on ASOS one night last week and ended up buying this tie-dye leather clutch. I can see myslef wearing it this summer on holiday... I can already smell the sea when I think of it!


4- Fresh flowers
When the house is a mess, toys are everywhere and the super tidy person in me suffers in silence, I give the house a quick tidy up and buy some fresh flowers. There's something therapeutic about choosing the ones you want, bringing them home, placing them in a vase and then looking at them open up in the following days. Buying (and receiving) flowers always puts a smile on my face, so much so that this year I asked my husband if my birthday present could be just that - a fresh bunch of flowers per month delivered to my door from my favourite florists. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

5- A hot shower with a deluxe shower wash
After a long day, maybe with a sick toddler or just pregnancy/life/work exhaustion there is nothing that relaxes me more than a  scorching hot shower with my favourite shower wash. I always buy something lovely, usually on the expensive side from either REN, AESOP or Cowshed. They last for so long and make my at home showers feel like I'm at Barnsley House.. so why not!


6- Bookingsome time out
It doesn't have to be anything major, just some sort of escapism. Last week I was reading about this farm you can go to just outside of London - the idea of a family day trip always cheers me up and knowing that I will give Greta some quality time together makes me happy inside. For solely me and husband time I would probably rely on the help of Mr. and Mrs. Smith for some kids free time! I recently went to Soho Farm House and despite being sick in bed the whole weekend, I loved every minute of my beautiful room.

7- Beautiful stationery
Taking time to write a thank you or birthday card is something I take lots of pleasure in - I think it comes with the ritual but also from the fact that I know how much I too enjoy receiving a handwritten note in the post. I have a little folder with cards I've collected from everywhere, and a pot with my special pens.  


8- Pizza night on a week day
Now this is a bit of an unusual, but when the going gets tough I like to pretend like my life has not changed at all since having children - who needs a to book a baby sitter in advance when you can just put your kids in the car and head to your local pizza place for an early dinner on a  week day?! Pizza night always makes me a little happy inside and like me, my family loves the impromptusness of it all. And if I'm feeling really wild... I will even have a whole full fat Coke! ;-)

9- New Shoes
I don't know what it is about shoes, I'm such a shoe girl! Maybe because on most days I wear jeans and so shoes can really change the way I dress them up, but for me shoes are a real temptation! This week I was shooting my last 'Shopping List" for Wardrobe ICONS which happened to be on summer shoes and I literally fell in love with this Charlotte Olympia pair... when I slipped them on they gave me a real Carrie Bradshaw moment! They will be perfect for my shower party and for my baby's city Christening... plus, YOU gave me permission to buy them so needless say more??

Charlotte Olympia Ilona bow-embellished canvas mules £545

10- Wearing red lipstick
Because it instantly makes me feel prettier even on the days where I don't feel pretty at all!

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