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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How to be a timeless modern bride

This June it's going to be four years since I got married in my hometown of Florence, yet my enthusiasm for all thing wedding related has never worn off. I had such fun planning my wedding, everything from collecting glass bottles to then use as flower pots on the table, to choosing each outfit for my bridesmaids and selecting the prefect shade of green for my flower girls lace up ballerinas. I had the time of my life planning my outfit(s) and to this day I loved my chiffon belted gown and mix of Italian and English ceremony. I loved having a long engagement too, which meant that I had plenty of time to think about all details and really savour the wait to the big day. So when Petro and I were flat planning The ICONS Update earlier on in the season, we both agreed that a Bridal Issue would be a must. 
We've been planning it for a long time, and for the first time I've decide to share some photos from my wedding album that no one apart from mt friends have ever seen. In the run up to my wedding nothing gave me as much inspiration as other bride's 'real weddings', so I really hope you will find some inspiration in this issue too. 
 Petro also shares pics from her wedding (she was the most stunning bride in her Oscar de la Renta gown), and we also gave some thought as to how we would do things differently today in our 'Modern Bride' feature with ideas such carrying a clutch, choosing a  colourful shoe or wearing a cashmere jumper with your tulle skirt.I really hope you enjoy it and if you are getting married any time soon, you might like to read my past WIT Wedding Wednesday Posts - just search it in the goggle bar and they will all come up.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - amazing pictures from both your weddings!
This issue came at a good time as I got engaged last week. I hadn't planned on getting married so I am starting from scratch - I have NO IDEA what I want, what style dress, what feel the day will have. I have always liked the statement shoe though! Is that Mr Big and Carrie's Manolos I see in your edit - nice!
I'll be spending sometime going through your old wedding posts - please let me know if you recommend any other blogs/places for inspiration?

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