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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Don't say it too loud but...

... it looks like spring has arrive din the UK too! To celebrate I'm doing a bare leg for the first time in months and wearing my new Office sandals for the first time paired with my Prada leather skirt which actually fits better at 6 months pregnant than before.

Marni HM earrings, Gap shirt, Prada skirt, Office sandals, Chanel bag

Office sandals £35 in store now 

also love this neon pink version Office tan and neon pink sandlas £35


Anonymous said...

I know those earrings... Funny
Mary G

momben said...

sei molto bella.
il pancione ora cresce a vista d'occhio.
con questi ultimi 2 look mi piaci di più, ti trovo più solare.
ciao momben

Bow Street said...

Love this outfit Laura! I'm going to get those sandals - already have the grey/neon pink version and love them! Posted about them on my own blog too last week coincidently! You're blooming! Meera x

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