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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Have you worn your yet?

Finally I get to wear my Marni for HM dress, have you worn yours? Tweet me a pic @WITblog if you have, would love to see how you've been styling yours.  I'm wearing mine pregnancy styled, cinched in at what's left of my waist with an old Marni leather belt, Marni HM earrings and my Chanel bag and sandals Summer is here! 


Avenue 57 said...

wow - now doesn't that just look so cool over your bump - brilliant!

Anonymous said...

We don't get H&M in Oz so always miss out of the cool designer collections. I loved the Marnie one.

I do a similar blog, thesuburbanstiletto.blogspot.com, posting pics of what I wear too.

I love people watching and find that what everyday people wear is just as inspiring as models in mags.

Enjoy your pregnancy!

honey's mummy said...

LOVE your blog, you look gorgeous. I'm 33 weeks preggers, so wish I'd found it sooner for some maternity inspiration!

honey876 said...

You look lovely! Pregnancy really suits you :) x

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