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Monday, 28 May 2012

Week end wardrobe-diary

I figured some of my favourite outfits actually come when you don't get to see them,  so today I thought I would show you what I wore at the week end. Saturday night I had a friends birthday party and went out for a lovely al fresco dinner with a bunch of friends. In the morning I finally sorted out my Summer wardrobe and pulled out this silk Joseph silk dress that still fits, yey! The weather is just divine at the moment so I can finally go bare legged so I wore my metallic Rupert Sanderson sandals and Russell and Bromley pouch. For those of you who asked... NO I don't wear heels during the day, only if I know there will be minimum walking ;-)

Here I am with one my oldest and dearest friends Olivia outside the restaurant.


Above, my new RB pouch it's a great one to keep all your things in in your bag and then turn it into an evening clutch. 

On Sunday I pulled out another all time favourite from my Summer pile, my Chanel navy shirt dress. I wore it to a BBQ in the garden for another friend's birthday and dressed it down with my Chanel thong sandals, an Accessorize straw hat and my Rayban sunnies. I tend to opt for maxi at BB Q's because you can sit on the floor and not worry too much about crossing your legs, so it was a bit of a practical choice too!


I love flat sandals, I think you can never have enough, I have so many cheap and expensive but literally wear themall till they come apart.

My best friend Claire organised the loveliest birthday BBQ in her garden. We are both pregnant three weeks apart and we love clothes. You would have read some of her articles in Red because she writes the clever interviews in my shopping section called "Personal Shopper".  She has the most amazing walk-in wardrobe, simply every girls' dream and certainly mine! She gave me a little tour of it and I couldn't resist taking a few pics of it and share them on WIT (with her permission). I love how she displayed her favourite Louboutins in a glass bell, gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

lovely post Laura! Fab dresses too. And thanks for the answer re the heels! I felt so inadequate seeing you in all these heels but now i know you pop some flats in your bag I feel better! I love the RB pouch too - I bought a blue one from Cos for exactly the same purpose - ingenious!

Antonella said...

usually people put precious stones and art pieces under a glass-bell.....even though Louboutins could be as valuable as diamonds !!! lovely post and congratulations to Claire!

lafashionfolie said...

That shirt dress is great- so timeless. Lovely post as usual.

Sophie x

Ps. let me know if you find a high street version of the dress!


Lucy said...

Love the maxi shirt dress. Since having my baby a year ago, I've found maxis really impractical, even though I love them, so make the most of them now! Aww, it's great being pregnant with your best friend. I was with mine too, also three weeks apart, which then became 9 days as she was late and I was early. Our boys are best buds too now, as I'm sure your babies will be. Once yours has arrives, you might find www.itsamummylook.com useful! X

Nishka said...

I just came across your blog recently and absolutely love your fashion sense! Congratulations on being a to - be mum, the glow is quite evident. I was just wondering if you could let me know where can I get these Chanel sandals from. I'm based in Dubai, and there seems to be nothing on the website. I have my doubts on it being the spring - summer collection. Will wait to hear from you:) - Nishka

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