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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Have you seen my new page?

Introducing a  new page in Red that is taking inspiration from WIT! It's your shopping editor "cheatsheet" on all the things I love, little styling tricks, new boutiques and websites, backstage access on my shoots and much more. The first page was in the May issue and was all about work wear, whereas in the current issue I talk about occasion dressing, look out for it every month! Today I'm dressing up my chinos with a classic denim shirt, tangerine pumps and a coat of matching lipstick.

Whistles leather jacket, ASOS maternity white t-shirt, Gap denim shirt, Top Shop maternity chinos, Aldo shoes and Chanel bag.

See more of my Editor's cheetsheets in Red out now!


Anonymous said...

Adore the shoes! Always find aldo shoes sooo uncomfortable: (

Lulu B said...

LOVE what your wearing, so chic! Congrats on your new page, I will be definitely be purchasing RED just to get your style advice xx :o)

Anonymous said...

on which week of your pregnancy are u? You look great!!

Monica of BeautyParler.ca said...

Love the pop of colour with the heels!!

Anonymous said...

I love the final touch the shoes give to the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
A Red and WIT fan, I look forward to your posts, especially great to see how you are managing to still look chic (and so slim) through your pregnancy!

It's interesting to see you haven't really changed your style much for your pregnancy like some women do - you can hardly tell you're pregnant on these face-on shots!

Would be nice to see a few slightly profile shots of you to see how the clothes you pic dress your bump too. Those trousers look super comfy and you are a superwoman to walk in those very heals! wow!

Miss Cici said...

Ma che bello, inizia a vedersi il pancino!
E come immaginavo, stai divinamente!
Sai già se è un bimbo o una bimba?
Sono curiosissima!!!

A prestissimo!

(anche se non ho raramente commentato i tuoi post, sappi che il tuo blog è la mia prima lettura del mattino!)

A Girl, A Style said...

Forgot to tell you this when I read it, but saw the new page and LOVE it! So lovely to see more of you in Red!

Briony xx

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