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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Side view

I've been in Florence to visit my family for the week end and I went on a little Saturday night outing with my friends (and pregnant sister!). It was lovely and warm so I got to wear my new maternity T-shirt and paired it with some of my favorite accessories.  What I love about this outfit is that I would wear it even if I wasn't pregnant so it make me feel vaguely normal! As promised to some of you that have emailed,  here is a side-view WIT ;-) 



Lafashionfolie said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy- you look so well. & I you're making pregnancy look very on-trend!

Sophie x


sezzey said...

Looks great!

Perennial Teenager said...

Love the orange shoes. Glorious!

Anonymous said...

Laura, you look incredible! and thank you for the tip on the benefit sunbeam, I have some on it's way to me now! Any tips on a bronzing powder and fake tan would be greatly appreciated. X

Jo Entwistle said...

Love this outfit. So simple and so chic! I'm deciding on that bag. It's so small however! It's even smaller in the flesh but somehow looks bigger when you wear it so either it's the photograph or you're really tiny (but that's impossible - I'm a UK 8!)

Anonymous said...

Laura, sei bellissima!
Non avrei mai pensato di mettere blu e arancione insieme ma stanno benissimo invece!!!

Claudia da Milano

Vittoria said...

You look really wonderful and the outfit is so nice and simple...love it! Congrats for your pregnancy :)


Style Souk said...

Gosh, pregnancy suits you so well, Laura. Your little bump is completely and utterly adorable!

Sarah x


Anonymous said...

love this look! so glad i bought the leggings... just waiting for them to arrive! thanks for the inspiration!