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Friday, 4 May 2012

WIT's Baby Fridays part 1

When I found out I was pregnant first of all momentarily freaked out and immediately after I thought: "OMG what am I going to wear????"   The good news is, for the first five months you don't really need to worry about it, I mean you could get all technical about it, but I was determined A) not to spend a fortune on maternity wear B) invest in only a few key items at the right time. So with the exception of a couple of new non-wire bras (we'll talk about those in a moment) for  the first 20 weeks or so, you can comfortably wear your own clothes. After that it gets a bit tricky and I can only suspect trick-er as weeks add up!

So if like me you get a little stuck for ideas on how to look chic and pulled together throughout your pregnancy (like Claudia and Stella above), WIT comes to the rescue with a weekly post on all things spring/summer pregnancy-style related. Sorry non pregnant WIT readers, you can ignore us on a Friday or save for a later date!
Just one note before we start: I knew nothing about maternity stuff, pregnancy weeks and elasticated waistbands, I still know nothing about babies, but I know fashion, shopping and for the past five months I've been reading websites, checking out blogs, trying on jeans, testing creams, speaking to mum-friends and have built a wealth of maternity-style knowledge. So don't email me if you want to know how to settle a crying baby (I've just learnt that word ;-) do email me if you want to know the best maternity underwear!

To sum up so far (but to be continued..)

Week 4/8 - You will need a new bra. My breast grew overnight. Don't do what I did and go to get measured at your local M&S... it's the most depressing experience, and I know it's not just me... my sister had the same one. My lady said something like: "You could get a DD cup but I would get ahead of yourself and get and F or a G because you will get much bigger". At that time I was 4 weeks pregnant and I really didn't want to know- thankyouverymuch. If you have large boobs there is no bra that will hold the fort, I've tried. It's easier, cheaper and makes you look much smaller if you opt for sports bras. Yes they are not pretty, but they hold everything into place and you will look better/smaller in clothes (which is the end to our mean). They say non wired bras are better for you (something about milk gland being squashed), I chose to believe and not to question and just went with that. I do however believe in natural fabrics, so if you can go for 100% cotton or breathable fabrics.

I prefer racer backs styles with large shoulder straps and no cups like this one and found that John Lewis has a great selection

Week 8 onwards - I was determined not to run the risk of getting stretch marks so I would suggest to start slathering you torso from an early stage (neck-to-bum including back area) with a lovely cream or body oil. I tried most "pregnancy" brands and although I'm sure they are all great, most smells made me really nauseous. For me the scent-free formula's worked best. 

I absolutely love the Burt's Bees range and especially the Mama Bee Belly Butter. I use it in the morning because it absorbs quickly and I can get dresses straight away. It has a subtle smell and lasts about 2 months so it goes a long way.

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter £13.95

At night I prefer a body oil,  its a pampering and relaxing night time routine. I love ESPA Nourishing Body Oil, because it doesn't have a strong smell and it's not too sticky.

(but check with your GP before using any essential oil based products)

The skin on my face suddenly got very dry and my moisturiser was just not cutting it,  so I got a little extra help with the aid of REN's serum to be applied under your regular moisturiser. It's worked a treat and again, the smell is subtle and delicious.

N.B I didn't know this, but you must check that your current face creams, detergents and especially essential bath and body oils etc.. are not containing harmful ingredients for your baby. I found the whole thing very alarming but you can find some useful info here Safe skin care during pregnancy. I found that Weleda and Ren all have selected products that are safe to use during pregnancy.  In doubt always check with your GP or with the cosmetic company you are using.

Week 17/20 - You will need to up a  size or two in new undies. You could wear the ones you already own, but they will start to dent into your sides, also my thinking is that I will want to burn the lot when I'm over the 9th months... and my own ones are so pretty. So I am not ashamed to say I went to Primark and I bought a  pack of 6 100% cotton simple black briefs for £3.00. I will up a size every time I need to and won't think about it twice to throw away the old ones. (Save the dosh for that ANYA HINDMARCH Oakley nylon baby bag £450). 

Week 20+ - I had planned on an all-dresses pregnancy, but I now realise that living in London that was a little too optimistic. By your 5th month you will need a couple of  new pairs of trousers- I tried doing the home-made elastic band thing on my own jeans, but if you are sitting at the computer most of the day they're just uncomfortable.  After careful consideration I opted for 2 pairs that I can adapt transform with different shoes, layered t-shirts and over sized knitwear.

1 x Chinos

I am going to wear with my grey t-shirts dressed up bright necklaces and fab sandals or heels. I can't wait to wear with my Stella neon Sandals! (remember those? Bought them when I had just found out I was pregnant and knew that shoes was the only thing I could still go a little wild with)

If it's going to be a legging, make it a cool one! This pair looks great on, it's very slimming and  so comfy. I'm going to wear with over sized fine knitwear (tip is: make sure it covers your bum!) and my selection of ballerinas.

** A note about maternity jeans **
I am going to do a separate "tried and tested" post about maternity jeans- they cost a small fortune and I think unless you have a winter pregnancy, you can survive wearing your own for the first five or six  months and then live without for the next three or four.

And finally... here's a little something I bought because it was pretty and I can see myself wearing it with a bump as soon as the weather gets better and hoping to look a little like this ;-)

Grey jersey HM dress in store now £18 approx

See you next week with my next WIT's Baby Fridays post!


Libby said...

Congratulations! I am sure you will look just as chic as Stella and Claudia


Libby said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will look just as chic as the fabulous Stella and Claudia


Anonymous said...

Oh lovely! I did wonder if you were... congratulations and great outfit advice.


Claire said...

Congratulations! I did think looking at your last post, that you had news!
Way past having babies but your clothing advice is sound.

Anonymous said...

So many congratulations Laura, that is just such lovely news!! I did have a sneaking suspicion like some other readers, but it is lovely to have it confirmed. You are going to look fab and I will love having this blog to hopefully refer to for myself very soon :)

Sherrie x x x x

Anonymous said...

Aw congratulations Laura! What lovely news. I'm sure you will be one stylish mum, with one very stylish son/daughter! Congrats again Bee xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, what great news. Wish I'd had your maternity fashion advise when I was having my kids! my mantra was - shoes and bags always fit regardless of how big my bump was!

Laura58 said...

Quando sono rimasta incinta ero così magra e stavo così male per via delle nausee che anzichè aumentate di peso, nei primi due mesi ne persi due. A sei mesi si vedeva appena che ero incinta. Risultato: ho continuato fino a cinque mesi a indossare jeans attillati e il solito guardaroba. Morale della favola, ho sofferto per poco tempo a non indossare tacchi alti e abiti attillati. Dopo il parto sono tornata tale e quale e in più ero... mamma. Auguri di cuore!
Laura da Milano

Jardzy said...

What a nice news on a Friday! Congrats!
You can use Almond Oil to prevent stretch marks, we Turkish women use it. Proven.

I'm sure you'll be wearing a striped dress during some months of your pregnancy:)

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for WIT baby and am so happy for you!!!

Sere xxx

sam said...

Fabulous news you will have a v stylish bump !! ENJOY

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura - this couldn't have come at a better time for me as I love your blog and am also expecting in November! Have to say you look amazing - when is the little WiT due? X

Octane PR Girls said...

Congrats Laura!

Octane PR shared wedding fever with you last year and we have an Octane PR babino on the way too!

Post a bump pic please x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura! My friends and I have been waiting for the announcement, we have been speculating for weeks! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy :-) A W&A fan

Ronda said...

OMG THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! I'm pregnant to... 8 months and i wish i had WIT's Baby Fridays... maternity fashion is a disaster!!!!
So so so happy for you.. it's going to be great.. i'm loving my pregnancy!!!
Can't wait for next Friday!!
XXX Ronda

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

congratulations Laura, I WIT baby is definitely an exciting new adventure, wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...


Becoming a mother can be a style challenge but I'm sure you will come up with some great solutions!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, my babygirl is 45 days...I can tell you bugaboo camaleon stroller perfectly matches with chanel 2.55
Love love

Iona said...

Congratulations!!! I've been desperate for you to get pregnant as I'm six months now and starting to not be able to get away with my old clothes (non-maternity wear is just not cutting it on my big boy bump!!) I'd been lacking some serious inspiration on the wardrobe front and a bit sad that I couldn't just go to my wardrobe and pull anything I liked on. Now I can feel excited again and my credit card is definitely jumping : ) You've made this mama-to-be very happy!!!!

When are you due and WHERE is that lovely grey dress from ??? xxx

Miss Cici said...

Ma che splendida notizia!
Auguri di cuore!
Non vedo l'ora di vederti con il pancione!
Sono certa che sarai splendida come sempre.


Anonymous said...

Fab news..congrats to you and your hubby.

Fran said...

Congratulations! I'm 29 weeks so will be reading with blog with interest. I have bought far too many clothes since being pregnant but found mothercare (believe it or or not)do some great jeggings for £20 with a lovely low waist, look just like skinny jeans. I'm a pre/post natal pilates instructor too so if you want any tips im happy to help!:-)

WIT said...

Ahw WIT girls... thank you SO much for all the congratulations and sweet messages, I am really touched! I have been keeping it quiet but I kind of knew some of you might suspect what was going on with all those front-on posing! I hope you will find WIT-baby-fridays helpful and inspiring and I'm looking forward to receiving tips and advices from all of you that are pregnant too. Love WIT+1 ;-) xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura! To be honest, only in the last few post have I been able to spot any thing different (you hid it so well undr all those fabulous jumpers and stripey tops).You are stylishly cool with bump or no bump - and actually very inspiring for all mums-to-be. All the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow so I can follow in your footsteps!

One problem I'm going to have is that I'm petite. I'm really struggling to find a petite maternity range. - not just shorter trousers but clothes made to fit my frame. Any suggestions?

Congrats again x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both, you are about to embark on an incredible journey.......enjoy x

WIT said...

Just made a correction to todays post. It is ESPA Nourshing Body Oil that i love NOT Soothing Body Oil. Remember to check with your GP before using any essential oils based products and here's a little info I thought I would add from ESPA:
There are certain ESPA products that we recommend be avoided during pregnancy as they contain a high concentrate of essential oils which can affect the body’s systems.

The Items detailed in bold are the items to avoid altogether:-




In addition to the list of ESPA products to be avoided, we also have a list of products to be used with caution:

ESSENTIAL PROTECTIVE SERUM – Only if client is already experiencing hyper-pigmentation on the face.

PURIFYING TEA-TREE GEL – only if used extremely liberally.

BALANCING HERBAL SPAFRESH – again, only if used liberally and frequently.

All other ESPA products are perfectly safe to use during and straight after pregnancy.

In light of this, I would suggest using Nourishing Body Oil and Pink Hair & Scalp Mud for your body.
Nourishing Body Oil promotes soft, supple skin as nature intended. This oil is deeply nourishing ands contains Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil which leave skin beautifully soft and supple, Calendula gently soothes, while antioxidant Grape Seed Oil, rich in Vitamin E, helps regenerate and smooth to improve the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Therefore this is an excellent product to use throughout your pregnancy.

Pink Hair & Scalp mud would be another product I would highly recommend. This versatile ‘pink’ mud made from mineral rich Red Clays is a unique conditioning treatment renowned for leaving hair soft and smooth as silk. Vitamin C-rich Watercress and Apricot Kernel Oil soothes and nourishes your scalp, while the Red Clays stimulate circulation to help strengthen and promote healthy, manageable hair. This product is also a great body moisturizer and is used in conjunction with Nourishing oil, especially in Pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura! Looking forward to more maternity posts next week : ) xx

ZoeM said...

Many congratulations - I'm really looking forward to seeing your maternity style. It's a way away yet, but I would also love some posts on what to wear as a (new) Mum - I know you tend to concentrate on clothes at work these days, but I would love some tips on looking stylish whilst pushing a buggy! I hope you have a happy and safe pregnancy.

lindsayd said...

Ah congrats, I didn't have a clue you were pregnant! Having been through two pregnancies I can sympathise with the sartorial difficulties, I found most good maternity clothes in Gap maternity and a lovely online store called Seraphine who also do mail order...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! H&M have super maternity jeans, I lived in them during both my pregnancies.

Paola - StyleandLifestyle said...

Auguri, auguri, auguri!!!
Sarai di sicuro una mammina ultra-fashion Laura.
Se poi ti servono dei consigli sarò felice di aiutarti, visto che ho vissuto questa bellissima esperienza nel 2009 ed ora sono mamma di uno splendido bimbo.
Ti posso immediatamente consigliare di curare la tua pancia tutte le sere con un miscuglio di crema anti-smagliature e olio di rosa mosqueta, mescola due parti uguali di prodotto e massaggia fino ad assorbimento completo. Vedrai che la tua pancia non ti farà soffrire il solletico e non avrai nemmeno una smagliatura!
Inoltre posso confermarti che per un lungo periodo potrai vestire normalmente, ma vedrai che a brevissimo la tua pancia ti chiederà dei jeans o pantaloni che non stringano in vita.
Io ho comprato benissimo su Topshop e Asos.
Per qualsiasi cosa non esitare a contattarmi, mi fa immenso piacere poter dare dei consigli!

Bow Street said...

OMG Amazing news - Congratulations Laura! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts and how you will embrace pregnancy fashion - in a chic way for sure! You are glowing in your pics! Meera x

Dinkyfi said...

Awww congratulations to you & your husband.... Such great news.... Like many of your devoted readers I had a feeling & am way past the baby days ( mine are now taller than me ! ) Laura you must check out Arbonne for chemical free amazing products... They do a wonderful baby range too... I can highly recommend the brand (I hope you are also using an aluminum free deodorant)
I have no doubt that you will look amazing & stylish as ever
Love that little grey dress also ! Please tell where to find it .... Congrats on the bambino xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats Aura... Wonderful news :-)
You must check out Arbonne for a n amazing range of chemical free products ,they do a fab baby range too
I highly recommend it all !
Take care xoxo

Love, Love, Love said...

Congrats Laura; very exciting news...cannot wait to see what maternity fashions you come up with even though I am not pregnant (can save ideas for when I am).
H&M do some very nice, comfy soft bras that are sized 8, 10, 12 and so on...at £8 at time they are very affordability :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing news! Many congrats, and I'm sure you'll be the chicest-looking mum around! Look forward to gleaning some tips for the day when I start thinking about having little ones of my own! xxx

momben said...

che bella notizia!
sarai bellissima e fashion come sempre. sarà una meravigliosa avventura, non ho mai conosciuto un periodo così sereno, felice,gioioso. e mi piaceva molto essere alla moda.
ciao momben

lkcouture said...

Congratulations, fantastic news. I love your blog so much and find it very inspiring. I have bought at least 6 striped jumpers and tops for Spring thanks to you!!!Love when your daily email pops into my inbox definitely brightens my day.
Will be very exciting following you on your baby journey even though I am not at "baby Stage" just yet I will be keeping your links until that time arrives!
Wishing you a very healthy pregnancy and looking forward to all your posts so please keep them up!! X

sarah said...

hi congratulations i am also pregnant 25 weeks so will look forward to fridays ,i bought some next below bump maternity jeans waste of time feels like there falling down all the time. sticking to leggings and long tops dresses little jackets and scarves and necklaces at the moment xsarah

sarah said...

also you must know joelle use to work for red my daughter is her husbands step niece if that makes sense x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura, I found out I was pregnant in January and was so excited but really worried about what to wear etc and not to be noticed at work (at least for those first 12 weeks) I remember thinking how I wish you'd post some ideas at the time too :). Then I had a miscariage and have been sad ever since. I am hoping to be pregnant soon again, i will definitely carry on checking your friday post even though I am not pregnant. When are you due?
Best wishes x

Beany said...

Congrats!! Can I ask where the grey dress with the pink zip is from please? It's lovely!

LadyB said...

So happy for you, Congratulations dear !

WIT said...

Another GRANDISSIMO thank you for all your sweet messages and comments, it's so kind of you all to take time to write and I appreciate each and every word so much! It's such a pleasure to share my news with such a lovely bunch of lasies.. WIT readers really rock ;-) Have a wonderful week end and see you next week. x
p.s the grey dress is from MH in store now and also comes in pink and in back.

Anonymous said...

Tante aguri!
Fab news xx

Style Souk said...


This is such joyful, joyful news! Congratulations to you and your lovely husband.

Since February, I've suspected that you were baking a little bambino/bambina - now that it's confirmed, let's have lots of proud, sideways tummy shots.

Health and every happiness for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news Laura - congratulations.


Anonymous said...

congratulazioni!!!!!un abbraccio grande!

Ana Laura said...

Congratulations! Tu sarai una bellissima mama! ANa Laura -Brazil

Alex said...

I am sure you will look as stylish as always

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm 34 weeks along and wish you'd posted this earlier! Ive found it vey tricky to find affordable maternity wear during my pregnancy, but agree with what you've written. I love burts bees butter also!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am 34 weeks along so maybe this advice is a little to late for me, although I agree with it all. I've found alot of maternity wear very expensive and have been living in 3 maternity dresses!

Little Pretty said...

Congratulations to you and baby's daddy too :-)

ENJOY your pregnancy. There is little doubt you will be the yummiest mummy around. Well done you.

Erika x


Chic McMuffin said...


I bet you'll be one stylish mummy!

Becky said...

Huge congratulations to you and your husband!

verdementa said...

Wow che bella notizia!! Congratulazioni! Sarai una mammina fashionissima :)

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Laura. What a lucky baby to have such a stylish mum! Tanya x

WIT said...

Many GRAZIE again for the lovely comments, congratulations and wishes (hubby was pleased to get a few too!). I really hope WIT Baby Fridays will be fun and useful posts for all of you pregnant with me or planning to be! Thank you for all your love ;-) xx Laura

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions to you both, fabulous news. But please remember on your posts that we're not all lucky enough to be able to stay in our old jeans until 5 months - I was out of mine at 8 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Aw congratulations!
I'm 34 weeks pregnant now and cant wait to be back in normal clothes!!!! I have spent hours poring over blogs looking for inspiration and have just bought a lovely Day Birger leather jacket that I cannot wait to wear without my bump!

That said, it is so exciting when you find out you are pregnant. I loved buying some nice maternity clothes at the beginning and second the suggestion to look at online seraphine shop and also Maman Bebe Jojo for their wrap tops.

I laughed at your bra fitting experience at M&S - sounds EXACTLY like mine was and I was so upset afterwards, the only bra that fit was a horrific non wire granny bra ... couple of weeks later, I went to Mothercare and their more expensive bras are so comfy, the fitters were so lovely and they have lasted really well.

Really looking forward to seeing pics of you and your growing bump looking stylish :-)

Sara said...

Io ovviamente non me ne ero accorta, come mio solito! In ogni caso tanti auguri, non commento mai per pigrizia ma ti seguo sempre con piacere!

laura said...

congratulazioni!!! un abbraccio! laura

Peacock Lace said...

Congratulations, such exciting news! I'm six half months pregnant and haven't invested in many maternity things (can't afford loads) other than bras a few dresses leggings etc. it's nice to see how your dressing, imgoing to re look at some of my wardrobe and see if I can go back to any pieces because some days I don't feel like me, just in a pregnant tent. Up until 18 weeks I has a small bump then t got bigger, now it's blown over night and is massive. Wishing you all te best with your pregnancy- hope to see more of these posts- I need more inspiration even with the weight gain and bowling ball belly :-) and i didnt jnow anyhing about pregnancy clothes beforehand.. Abd an still truing to learn about babies haha!
vicki xxx

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