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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The day I interviewed Jenna Lyons

I can safely say that the day I interviewed Jenna Lyons is one that marked one of the highest points in my career. I will always remember the butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the phone to ring, and then picking up and saying: "Ciao Jenna!"- I had to sort of pinch myself.  

I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Jenna on a few occasions, and what always strikes me about her is her graciousness and her poise - she has a kind word for everyone and a formidable eye for style. She is one of those rare people that makes you feel completely at ease and talks to you with genuine interest. She is the ultimate professional and I have huge admiration for the way she continues to shape J.Crew and invites us to see fashion in unpexpected yet wearable ways. So when Petro and I were flat planning The ICONS Update first issues and were thinking of women to interview for our "The Experts" section, I had no doubt: Jenna was the woman I wanted to talk to.
Let's face it, she's a busy woman so taking almost an hour out of her hectic schedule to speak to me for my not-even-launched magazine was a huge deal.  I thought about the questions I wanted to ask her for weeks ahead and she managed to simultaneously surprise me and inspire me with each single answer. I loved finding out who were her style icons (such original answers) and learning about the care and details that goes into every item they design.

"The Experts" will be a series of interviews with women who's style we admire and boy have we set our bar high!

I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I loved conducting it. Can't wait to hear what you think!

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