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Monday, 13 October 2014

The WIT project is here: www.wardrobeicons.com


I’ve been thinking about what to write in this post for a really long time, mildly obsessing over how to introduce the secret project that I’ve been working on for so many months… and then I realised that I can’t think of any clever ways of doing so, and that, together with my amazing friend and business partner Petro, I just want to say: “Here it is and we really hope you like it”.

Wardrobe Icons is a shopping website dedicated to wardrobe essentials and it’s you, WIT readers, that have unknowingly been asking for it. For years you’ve asked me: “How do I build the perfect wardrobe?” “What are the essentials you really need? “Where can I find the perfect white shirt and the forever stripy top?” so I decided to do something about it and create a website that answers all of these questions, whilst also giving you inspiration on how to wear these items today.

Despite being a fashion editor I often walk into stores and feel overwhelmed by the vast choice; I look at websites and there are thousands of items to choose from. We spend our days doing the research so that you don’t have to, handpicking each and every one of our "icons" for you. We’ve narrowed it down to a super tight edit because that’s what we are here to do: we cut through the overwhelming choice and help you shop cleverly knowing that everything we feature on the site we either own ourself, wish we owned or would recommend to a friend.

And for those of you who miss my shopping pages in Red magazine… we have a little magazine for you; it’s called The ICONS Update, from which you can expect shopping pages that you can print and save, personal style advice and interviews with women whose style we admire, every Tuesday in your inbox when you sign up to our newsletter.


Here's what it is: if WIT is your “daily inspiration from inside a fashion editors wardrobe”, Wardrobe Icons is the place to see me back in my fashion editor's shoes and shop our edit for a multi-tasking, intelligently selected and long-lasting wardrobe - the wardrobe we all dream of owning.

But don't worry, WIT is not going anywhere - Wardrobe Icons is merely an extension of it and will be packed with all the things you wished for in WIT, and the ones I have always wanted to do in my very own magazine.

You came up with the idea; Petro and I are going to do the legwork for you and for me… it’s a little dream come true.

Thank you and I really hope you like it... please let me know what you think!

Laura x


momben.com said...

Mi piace tanto!
Complimenti a te e Petro.
in bocca al lupo,

becky said...

this sounds like an absolute dream!

very exciting, congrats & well done to you both.

becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

Chloesamsmith said...

It's AMAZING. Thank you Thank you. What an inspired idea and one that's sure to be a great success. Well done Laura!

Ami Atwal said...

Hello Laura,
I have read your blog on/off for the past year or so: and have to say I like/love fashion but as a 40 year old find it hard to find people to connect with on fashion front online- as many bloggers just pick a trend and go with it for the next year or so but don't always inspire as that trend suits them but not always their following! i have also never commented before on a blog!
Your blog , however, whilst at the very top end of my budget- with two children and a home to run/look after my selfish days are over and long behind me .Alhtough I have used it as inspiration and found the fashion advice great- holiday packing ideas and hunted down some of the pieces you have worn- accessorise clutches, jewellery, cashmere.... But i do love to dream and interept fashion trends and am finding classics an area that I can now experiment and invest in. especially as my soon to be 14 year old daughter is lusting after a few of my pieces- and worrying her dad in the process as to how obsessed she may become!!
In short- I have waited with others i'm sure to see what you were working on and think this will be brilliant and much needed. The closest I think has been shop style- but that can be very hit and miss. Good luck with your future venture- Ill be easing and lusting over pieces I'm sure!

Antonella Farina said...

sono davvero emozionata and proud of you!!!

Michelle Saxton said...

Love it! Have put the heather graphite JCrew sweater I had been debating in my shopping bag. There is a sale on in the US JCrew site so perfect timing!

Two requests for the future:

1) Can you make it so a new window opens when someone clicks on a product? That way I don't have to hit return several times to go back to your wardrobe icons page.

2) Can you make the link go to the US site for US costumers?

Thanks for doing this! I really trust Laura's advice and I have been missing the wardrobe suggestions from WIT. I'll look forward to seeing what Petro has to suggest as well. Congratulations to both of you.

Alessandra said...

ecco il nuovo progetto, una magnifica idea, una NOVITà finalmente in un mondo di fotocopie!
bellissimo e semplicissimo da utilizzare il sito. :D
congrtaulations Laura&Petro. enjoy it!

PlumJam said...

I adore it.
I love the idea and what's more it works. I now know exactly which chunky knit will give me the mx of warmth and chic I'm after.
Thank you and congratulations


Anonymous said...

Fantastico, ragazze!

Anonymous said...

Great job girls!

Andreia Tarelho said...

Congratulations, it's such a joy to see you evolve in your life in such a beautiful, creative, loving and balanced way.

I wish you all the best and i will continuo to be a fan of your work.


Gaia said...


FrugalFashionista said...

I feared that the secret venture would be something child-related (mine are in school and I've lost interest in dressing them) but the new site is fantastic, something I really can relate to, I already made a purchase and am considering another one. Particularly enjoyed the magazine part, well done. Up til now, I've relied on Le Catch for my life-compatible fashion purchases, but you are providing a compelling Euro alternative. Hoping it will be successful, good luck, keep up the great work!

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