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Monday, 20 October 2014

The "fall bare leg"

I will, eventually, give in and wear tights but I have an adversity to them so big that I will do anything to avoid wearing them for as long as possible. The main reason is that I can't wear most of my shoes with tights (something I will address on a post soon). However, the weather in London is still super mild so I'm picking and choosing days where I can still wear my favourite skirts. I'm adopting a few tricks to make my bare leg not look too out  of place like layering chunky knits (I love my Chinti and Parker L cashmere jumper) and swapping my pretty flats with chunky boots.

1 comment:

PoppysStyle said...

Gorgeous - I have a Mango leather mini skirt that I love to wear with cashmere sweaters and ankle boots - we're lucky that we can still hit the 80s late into October in Atlanta!

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