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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Easter round up

I'm off to Italy with GZ to celebrate Easter with my family, I am taking a little time off to be a good mum but before I go Petro and I have prepared a juicy ICONS Update bumper issue to take you right through to our return, and I have a few buys, beauty ideas and packing tips I wanted to share with you.

First of all, read our interview with fashion icon Yasmin Sewell. I've been mildly obsessed with her quirky style for years, every time I saw her walk past me at fashion week I couldn't help staring at her impossibly stylish yet effortless looks. I feel so lucky that she agreed to let us shoot her in her fabulous new London home, despite the fact that she had a baby less than 10 weeks ago and a 3 year old jumping around the house. On top of looking amazing she was also the loveliest person to interview and makes a fantastic addition to our "The Experts" series.


Then don't forget to check out my denim "Obsession" page because that's exactly what I am, obsessed with denim (and tan) at the moment. I've selected 8 brilliant buys from Boden to Stella McCartney that would make fabulous and easy additions to your wardrobe. We also focused on flares and explained why we think they are this month's "Unexpected hero".

Take a look at our "Beauty Focus" mascara review too - Petro and I tried and tested four popular brands to give you a honest opinion if they are worth the money. If you are spending an average of £15 on something, we reckoned you would want to know if they really deliver what they promise.

Also, I know I've often talked about packing rules for us grownups but what about packing your child's suitcase? I apply the same rules I do for my own edit: everything has to go with anything, that way if a cardigan gets stained with a bit of ice cream onto goes the next thing with no trouble at all. I lay everything on the floor and make sure I have little outfits planned for every occasion. Now that Greta is a little older, I'm teaching her to be responsible by carrying her own little bag (also because look how cute it is!). I bought her a Crewcuts glitter backpack which literally gets heads turning at the airport ;-)!

And finally, I am doing a mini skin detox over the holidays. I've been feeling very tired and my skin has never looked so dull, so I've established a seven day regime of plenty of sleep, lots of water,  no make up (no nail varnish on toes and nails) with Creme de la Mer applied  in the morning and Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial facial at night. One note about Creme de la Mer (yes it works), I prefer the soft cream (it's less greasy and you can wear it underneath mak up too), but I'm currently testing out the original formula that is much thicker and is much better at night if you don't want a shiny face all day. I cleanse morning and night with Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser  and I promise you that with the combination of all, I am already seeing results.

See you next week and Happy Easter!


Josie said...

I kind of want Greta's backpack haha! I hope you have a lovely time x

Josie’s Journal

Image Models said...

Can't understand this denim resurgence!

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