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Monday, 13 April 2015

The WIT refurb SALE

This weekend we've moved into our new/old flat and after five long months, I'm finally reunited with all my clothes and shoes! Despite the obvious happiness, I have a somewhat 150 boxes to unpack and a house to reorganise, as well as three flats worth of furniture (don't ask!) to get rid of. Our new layout means that a lot of my furniture doesn't quite fit the space anymore so I've decided to sell some of our furniture and make some space for new things. I'm really sad because some of these items are things we got given for our wedding or simply things I loved, so I've decided to try and find them a new home amongst WIT followers instead of using eBay or similar. So, throughout the week, as I unpack and find places to photograph things, I will be adding furniture, lamps, crockery and more to my new WIT refurb sale Instagram account. Check it out and follow me on @WITrefurbSALE - I will constantly be adding things throughout the week. I can send anywhere around the world, if you see something you like simply email me at wearingittoday@gmail.com to get a P&P quote, and if you live in London I can get anything curried over. I've taken the week off work to get it all done, so please note that everything has to go by Monday the 27th of May. Sadly, there will be no www.wearingittoday.co.uk until next week, I don't have Internet connection yet and my daily outfits are short of uninspiring!

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