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Monday, 27 April 2015

Isabel Marant for less at Topshop

Top Shop dress, J.Crew flats, Zara bag
Isabel Marant? Nope, Topshop! I was so thrilled when I clocked this little white dress on the Topshop website last week. It's always hard to say from the  what things are actually going to feel like until you received them, but I could kind of tell straight away that this mini dress was going to look expensive, and when I received it I wasn't disappointed. It's made of a thick 81% cotton fabric and comes with a really beautiful black and silver Aztec style print. It's quite short, so I would only wear it with flat shoes, but it looks great in the city for a day in the office or even on a summer holiday with tanned legs and a simple thong. If you like this style of easy-breezy mini dresses definitely one to watch.

Topshop Aztec print dress £70


MissionStyle said...

This dress is absolutely perfect and you look gorgeous in it too!

*disappears to buy online*

Whilst I write, WIT was the first blog I ever followed 3 years ago, now I have mine and love everything about this world!


Karen x

Josie said...

No way is this Topshop! What a brilliant find x

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