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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bright courts (outfit saviours)

Your little daily fix of wearable fashion inspiration is back! had been planning to wear lots of skirts and bare legs but the weather in London is not exactly summery. Luckily I can still wear shoes without socks and I'm having the time if my life being in my heels again. Today it's my Mango orange courts time paired with  statement trouser from Gap, and my favourite monogrammed J.Crew navy cashmere sweater. A bright court is a simple effective way to update your outfit,  try it tomorrow. 

Top Shop pink pointy courts £58
J.Crew red suede pumps £198.30


Unknown said...

So glad you're back!! Now I know I will get through the Fall season without having to wear a potato sack!

LindsayD said...

Your hair looks tres chic! Tell me, do you wear your courts on the commute to work or do you change into them when you arrive? Only asking as I find them so uncomfortable seeing as I live in trainers/ankle boots!

Unknown said...

Beautiful outfit, i love the pop of color !!! I love my heals but lately i have been neglecting them, seeing you wear yours makes wanna be on my tiptoes ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi laura, so good to see you're back. Look forward to reading your posts when they pop up - I even instantly stopped working today when my email pinged, to see what you were up to! Love your hair too x

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