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Friday 3 November 2017

Knock Knock. It's me.


It's me, WIT

No, I'm not back for good, even though I must admit that from time to time I have caught myself considering ways I could still fit WIT into my insanely busy work/life schedule. In the past 18 months there have been moments I almost logged into the back end and started typing away, but then the reason behind it never felt quite 'right'... well, that was until today. Why now? Because I have something I am really excited about and Instagram doesn't give me enough space to tell you all, and Wardrobe ICONS is not all about me and because ultimately, WIT has always been my direct link to all of you and I thought this was the perfect moment for a short comeback. So here I am. And I hope you will like what I have to show you because putting out there something so personal is always as much exciting as it is nerve racking!

You may remember that when my first daughter Greta Zita was born I was inspired by her name to create a small collection of rings and pendants featuring alphabet letters with a Florentine jeweller. Since then, it has been my dream to develop this concept further into something that feels relevant to me today. The final result is a collection of everyday pieces that can be passed on for generations, and with Otiumberg, I found the perfect partner.

Gilda Necklace
I met Christie, Otiumberg's founder at a lunch over two years ago - we were both secretly pregnant, me with Vera and her with her first son Raf. Christie was leaving her role at Burberry to start a new venture with her sister Rosanna, I had just started mine. She was about to launch Otiumberg, a demi-fine jewellery website selling classic, forever pieces that she just couldn't find anywhere. We immediately clicked, and a friendship started.

Greta Hoops
Months later we started a conversation about working on a collaboration together, and the rest is history. Meeting after meeting at my kitchen table obsessing about the perfect hoop and chain necklace length Laura Fantacci x Otiumberg was born. The 7 piece collection features reinterpretations of some of my favourite jewellery pieces as well as items I really coveted but couldn't find on the market.

Vera Mini Hoops
I inherited a beautiful gold coin bangle from my great aunt Giovanna and that’s where the inspiration started. I love the timeless simplicity and extreme purity of a gold circle and the entire collection is inspired by this concept.

Giovanna Bangle and Greta Hoops
Each piece bears the names of my family members; so you can shop the Giovanna bangle, the Greta hoops and the Gilda necklace from today, exclusively on Otiumberg.com and as a special thank you for all your love and support in these years, please use 'WITBLOG' at checkout to receive a special 10% off on your first order.
I hope you like it!


Laura x

"This is a collection made to be worn, shared, given, and above all, cherished for years to come."

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