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Friday 19 December 2014

Oh why not!

This not what I'm actually wearing today, but the other day I was so tempted to see how I could style my new Jimmy Choo Lance shoes for the day. So here's a little look at how a pair of red sandals could work with a simple jeans + sweater look. I've never owned a pair of red shoes before so I'm excited to mix them in with my wardrobe staples. So I hat to had to have a little trawl on the internet to find some similar styles, some of which at more affordable prices!

Carvela £69

Carvela £79

Gainvito Rossi £495

J.Crew £198

Valentino £615

Manolo Blanhik £650

Thursday 18 December 2014

Someone STOP me!!

Remember the green J.Crew sweater (£98) I ordered a few weeks ago? It's arrived!! I was so excited as it will be the best thing to pack for my Italy holiday and great to dress down (with jeans) or up (with a red lip and statement earrings) for a night out. Love the neckline and the 3/4 sleeves - I went for a M for a slouchy look. Today I am wearing it with my Best of British Marks and Spencer trousers £129 and my new J.Crew Collection lace-up caged pumps.

I've been looking for a good pair of closed toe winter heels and these have been a great buy. I'm a little annoyed with myslef because I have loads of shoes that could have worked in the winter but they are all packed in storage... Luckily I got these during a US sale and got them with 60% off! I've received lots of comments about yesterday's nail polish I'm wearing and it's the new Victoria Beckham shade fro Nails Inc. Have a look at it here

Topshop earrings £20

VVB x NAILS INC polish in Judo £25 Selfridges

Marks and Spencer trousers £129

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Jimmy Choo MADE TO ORDER part two: the reveal

You may remember that back in June I had the pleasure to try out newly launched Jimmy Choo Made To Order service (you can see the full post here). This bespoke service allows you to pick from four classic Choo hero styles (the Lance, the Anouk, the Xenia and the Tite), custom the heel height and then choose from an array of luxe fabrics including leather, silks, satin and exotic skins in every colour you can think of, all to make up your picture-perfect shoe. And to finish your dream shoe off you can even get your initials (or symbols) added to the back of your soles in gold letters.. My idea of heaven

Now, it doesn't come cheap (prices start at £475.00), but a special occasion, a big birthday, a fabulous party or your wedding calls for something extraordinary, so I instantly thought that WIT readers (and especially brides to-be) would want to know about this dreamy service.  

My shoes have finally arrived and they are more beautiful than ever... I asked my friend and photographer Eva K. Salvi to come and photograph the moment I opened my box because these particular shoes are a a little bit extra special to me... Now I only have to hope that a certain someone will have a size 39 feet when she's older.

I chose the Lance because it's so flattering on the foot and despite being a really high heel, you are "strapped in" and they are very comfortable. I wanted red because it's the colour of love and also such a great accent of colour with any outfit, especially since I think of red as a neutral.

I put a frock on and a coat of red lipstick and headed out in what will be my Christmas eve outfit. The GZ and heart at the back of the soles makes my red shoes extra special and although I will be wearing these shoes for now, I will take extra care of them because I would love for Greta to own them one day.

The Made-to-order service is available at the Sloane Street boutique
To book an appointment call 0207 8231051

Photos by Eva K. Salvi 

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Behind the scenes our Eva Herzigova interview

It really isn't everyday that I get to chat to a supermodel on the phone about her wardrobe icons, so excuse me if today I take a little a moment to take it all in. I've had to keep it a secret for some time and this morning I was so excited to hit "send" and make this week's issue of The ICONS Update live. I have to admit that I've known Eva for some time (long story), but I never thought that one day I would get to interview her for my own magazine... you have to put yourself in my shoes and see that this is a little childhood dream come true!

On the phone with Eva

I have always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl my favourite game was getting my younger sister all dressed up and taking photos of her with my Kodak camera (we have embarassing photographic eveidence of this!). I grew up with the 80's supermodels and Christie, Naomi, Claudia and Eva were my idols. I use to play "catwalk shows" with my sister and friends Olivia and Vicky and literally strut down my mother's dining room in the most improbable outfits. 
This issue of The ICONS Update will be the last one of 2014 and boy has it all ended on a high for me! Our previous Expert had been Jenna Lyons and our next one would have big shoes to fill, but Eva was so interesting to speak to and with 25 years working in the fashion industry she really does know a thing or two about where to get the perfect jeans and what's the most fabulous shade of red lipstick. Read this and lots more in this week's issue, I hope you enjoy it and that Wardobe ICONS  is everything you had been expecting from a new and improved WIT.

Laura x

Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas prep: hair cut and colour at George Northwood

The countdown to Christmas has started and amongst buying presents and packing suitcases, I was due a  a visit to my favourite hair salon: George Northwood.  I've been seeing George for my cut, and his sister Sally for my colour for two years now. I used to have really long, untreated hair, I always kept it up in a pony tail and was never really bothered by it. Shortly after Greta was born I really felt the urge to do something different with myself... and went for a drastic cut. Needless to say I never looked back.

Since cutting my hair two years ago I've been pretty much sticking to the same bob-style, but this time I asked George to give me a really "straight choppy cut", keeping the same length pretty much all the way around. 

Sally is George's sister and does my colour, I only really do that once a year because my hair tends to naturally go quite blond in the summer, but by December the benefits of the sun are long gone and I really wanted to recreate that "sun kissed" effect.

I'm not a big fan of highlights, I don't have the time or the the budget to retouch roots every couple of months so Sally gives me Baliage, which is a looks more natural and is a lot less high maintenance.

What I love about George and Sally is that they give low maintenance cuts (and colours) which last for months a time, and that most importantly I don't need to do nothing to. I don't straighten, I don't curl and I use whatever shampoo I happen to be trying that month. I simply blow dry head down and use Maui Wowie Beach Mist from Philip B.

WIT readers get a very special treatment on their first visit to George Northwood salon - just quote Wearing It Today and you will get 20% off across cuts, colours and blowdryes across all stylists.

Merry WIT Christmas


Photos by Eva K. Salvi

Friday 12 December 2014

WIT mama Friday: nine of the best walkable flat boots

My Friday's off with Greta are all about getting around in comfort and in winter months that means flat(ish) boots. Sometimes a little heel can actually be really comfortable, especially if it's a block heel, whilst giving your legs a little extra "push" aiding to a lengthening effect. I bought my Tops Shop fringed ankle boots in the summer and have worn them so much with day dresses and skirts - they are now not availabale but  I had a look on the net to find similar "walkable" style for all our WIT mama Fridays.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Wardrobe ICON's Christmas dinner

Last night we celebrated Christmas at Wardrobe ICON's HQ in London. We invited all the people that so far have contributed to making it happen and had a lovely home cooked meal (minus my disastrous mash patties) for all. For me, any occasion to dress up is a good one so I wore my "snowflake" outfit in the shape of my Anna Sui lace dress, with my new red Jimmy Choo red sandals (more on that soon) and my Nars red lipstick. It was such a lovely evening, and also an excuse to celebrate issue ten on The ICONS Update. Here are a few photos from the evening, Petro's roast gammon amazing and Polly's chocolate pavlova to die for. I will be sticking to fashion because I managed to burn everything from the potatoes to the pan they were cooking in...

Merry ICONS Christmas!

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Lace culottes

I bought these lace culottes from Coast a few weeks ago and I've already worn them a couple of times in the evening. Today I wanted to make them wearable in the day so (with a good dose of Uniqlo Heattech underneath), I've paired them with a Tippi sweater and wearable heels for a day of busy appointments. Changing tonight for Wardrobe ICON's Chritsmas party and going totally over the top... Will instagram later! 

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