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Tuesday 26 May 2015

WIT andJ J.Crew in Paris part three: Pont des Arts

When the J.Crew team in New York asked me to head to Paris to check out the new (and first) French store in the Marais, it was really a no brainer. My task: head to Jenna's favourite Parisian spots and photograph one outfit I loved in each location.  From the Tour Eiffel, to St. Germain and the iconic Jardin Tuleries you can follow me through the streets of Paris every last Tuesday of the month  as I play dress up in my favourite J.Crew items.  

This month I'm wearing another favourite combinations of all time: a classic stripe T-shirt with a tailored blazer. This is an outfit combination I fall back on time and time again, especially when traveling because it's simple, stylish and so comfortable. When my Personal Shopping clients ask me what it a simple and obtainable 'travel look', this is a look I always stir them towards. The Saint James® for J.Crew slouchy tee is an absolute classic, Saint James has been spinning some of the world's finest knits out of their Normandy, France-based factory since 1889, but they're most famous for their sailor stripes (favored by style icons from Andy Warhol and Picasso to the iconic Coco Chanel).


In my opinion a quality blazer  is amongst the top 5 ultimate must-buys every woman should own,  when I interviewed Jenna Lyons for The ICONS Update she told me "this is where your money should go towards". Despite this, the Ludlow jacket is quite affordable compared to designer ones, yet hangs on your body like a dream. You must try it to believe it, I remember being a little skeptical before trying it on, but when I did I realised why Jenna has it fitted to a woman's body but constructed in men's factories in Italy, where tailoring and contruction are perfected down to every detail. This jacket hugs you around all the right places with a snug and skinny fit.

Because you know I love my sparkle, I added a pair or brightly coloured tassle earrings and sequin clad flat pointy shoes (annoyingly sold out last week but hopefully you've seen me wearing them before this post and bought them in time), and topped it all up with bright red lipstick and nails (I love a touch of red with stripes!). I also chose a classic tan leather bucket bag  that fit all of my essentials and gives the whole outfit a preppy feel. The Pont des Arts is one of my favourite spots in Paris, I have wonderful memories here of a super romantic week end with my husband and it's so quintessentially Parisian

J.Crew has been working with Point Sur Denim for many seasons now - they're made in LA, the capital of denim, in perfect washes with a worn-in feel that usually takes years to earn.I loved this skinny, ankle skimming style eprfect to be worn with flats and great for the summer with all my flat shoes. Point Sur epic skinny Japanese selvedge jean in Dailey wash

If you missed my previous Paris post check it out on March the 30th and April the 28th by clicking on the links.

See you on Tuesday the 30th of June of part four!

Find the J.Crew Marais store at:

12 Rue Malher, Paris - +33 1 44 54 57 50
Shop the collection online on 
Photos Eva K. Salvi  

Friday 22 May 2015

WIT mama Friday: the firnges that rock a mama's life

You know why I love clothes? Because they have the power to turn a bad day into a good one, a boring day into a fun one and even change the way I feel about myself. There are some things in my wardrobe that instantly make me feel a little younger inside, like pom poms, tassels and fringing - I don't know what it is, but anything with fringes makes me feel a little fun and happy inside. So that got me thinking about all those things that have the power to makes us feel a little cool-er, a little young-er or just a little playful and carefree. For me, it's fringes, and tassels and anything taht shakes a little when it moves. Because says who that mama's can't have a little fun!? Happy Bank Holiday week ends and bring those fringes out tonight!

Mango tan tote £119

Isabel Marant earrings £195

Wednesday 20 May 2015

The little grey jumper that never gets put away


You would think that my collection of grey jumpers gets stowed away at some point in the season, but partly because I live in the UK and partly because I have so many different thicknesses I can wear them any time of the year, this never really happens. I just find a grey sweater one of the most versatile and multi tasking items in my wardrobe. It goes with everything and makes dressing in the morning so simple to have a few key staples. Unless you are a hoarder like me, these are the three key styles that I promise will revolutionise your dressing:

1) J.Crew Collection featherweight cashmere pocket tee £178 Good even in the summer it's so light and perfect under jackets.

2) J.Crew Merino wool Tippi sweater £78 Could I be banging on about this any more? I don't think so!

3) Iris and Ink Cashmere sweater £140 A super versatile, slouchy style that looks great with anything from a leather skirt (like me today) to boyfriend jeans.

Monday 18 May 2015

Best little black dress of 2014


Not sure why this post never went out. This is sadly not what I'm wearing today but what I was wearing on Friday when it was Summer in the UK. Today it's winter again. Go figure!
What I was saying last week, is that this Other Stories dress was one of my best buys of 2014. I've worn it dressed up, dressed down, in the city and on holiday. It's just a super versatile piece that you can totally transform with your accessories. You can't buy the exact style I have, but I think it was such a successful design that they have come up with a similar style. I'm telling you get it because it will be such a brilliant buy - I bought it because I think you can never have too many versatile LBD's.

Other Stories pom pom dress £55

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Six of the best strappy sandals

DAY Birger top, Zara trousers, Tila March bag, Isabel Marant shoes
I have a little bit of an obsession with strappy lace up shoes at the moment - anything from my Aquazurra pointy flats and my Isabel Marant ballerinas,  to my Mango strappy leather sandals and Gianvito Rossi suede heels. Weather you wear them with rolled up chinos (like I'm doing today) or any of your summer dresses, this summer it is the one thing you must invest in. Here are some of my favourites for all budgets and "heel capability" ;-)

Mango £19.99

Isabel Marant £270

Gianvito Rossi £515

Isabel Marant £350

Office Shoes £75

Boden £89

Tuesday 12 May 2015

The peasant top (the casual way)

J.Crew top and shoe, Mother Denim jeans, Tila March bag, Isabel Marant earrings
 I'm no winter gal - never have been never will be. I have really close friends here in London that love winter from a fashion pint of view: they love layers and wool and feeling 'covered up', whilst I've always believed I would be at my happiest if I lived in Los Angeles. I love the uncomplicated way of dressing in the summer, throwing on a little dress or, like today, a peasant top and a pair of jeans. Mine is from J.Crew (yes... another sold out Summer box buy) but Mango does a really simple style in store now for only £29.99 (shop it here). Summer dressing makes me happy inside, I hope spring has arrived and settled in the UK now!

Monday 11 May 2015

Little cream dress

Topshop dress, Isabel Marant shoes, Tila March bag, Valentino shades
 I've officially unpacked all of my clothes and shoe boxes and I'm so excited to be wearing my clothes again. Today I'm wearing some of my favourite things (my Isabel Marant shoes!) of all time and some little new additions, like my cream Topshop dress that I bought this winter for my summer box and the sunglasses that my husband gave to me for my birthday. It's taken me almost two months to find the time to go to Harvey Nichols and choose the perfect pair, but this weekend I was adamant we would get that done and be summer -ready. I went for a pair of Valentino shades, it's a relatively classic style which I know I will love forever -a  very Wardrobe ICONS type of buy ;-)

Thursday 7 May 2015

What to wear when you don't know what to wear

MiH shirt, Mother Denim jeans, Marni trench coat, Isabel Marant shoes, J.Crew bag
There are mornings like today where I have to juggle so many things I literally have about three seconds to think about what I'm going to wear. I imagine lots of you have that same problem so got me thinking about what's my default "emergency" outfit, one that seemingly makes me feel polished and put together whilst comfortable on the go. In the summer for me it's definitely an oversize shirt, my favourite skinnies and one of my statement flats. A shirt always looks smart, no matter in what context you wear it so it kind of gives my jeans a bit if a 'lift", and my statement flats (today my Isabel Marant's) add the final touch. I always slather on a coat of my brightest lipstick (today it's NARS Lana) and I'm good to go!

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Statement earrings

Topshop jumpsuit, Isabel Marant earrings, Kurt Geiger shoes, J.Crew bag
Typically you can hardly see them in this pic, (they are the ones in this week's STAR BUYS to the right), but last night I found myself planning my outfit around my newly purchased tasselled hoops from Isabel Marant ( Isabel Marant Gold-plated beaded hoop earrings £195). I love them so much and I can already envisage wearing them all summer long... 
In the mean time though (no sign of summer here in the UK) I am wearing them with my Topshop boiler suit, a simple black court and my every day tote for a presentation and then a day in the office.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Dresses with sleeves

S Max Mara denim dress £255
As it often happens (a bit too often actually), I was shooting for this week's issue of The ICONS Update and ended up being the one to shop from my own shoot. Thing is, I LOVE this dress. It's easy, it's comfortable, it's a bit different and it's super practical all at once. 

In my dressing room with some fabulous dresses to try on
I can see myslef wearing it a million different ways and I've already started yesterday at my friend's birthday BBQ in the garden. I wore it with a leather jacket and trainers, and today I'm wearing it with my Valentino flats and a trench coat. Plus Greta thinks it's the best thing ever because she can hide underneath it and play hide and seek ;-)

Not the only one loving my new dress!
 Over on The ICONS Update in the mean time we concentarted on more day dresses to take you through the season in the city, all with sleeves, because they are that little bit chicer and also not everyone likes to get their upper arms out.


Friday 1 May 2015

WIT mama Friday: the things you really need when you are having a baby

Almost three years into the mother's thing, I've come to a better understanding of where I originally waisted money in a buying frenzy, and where my purchases were real investments. There are things I bought when Greta was a baby that I still use today, and some others that in my recent move I looked at and thought: "I wish someone had told me that I was going to use this for two days".

In an effort to be that someone, I'm attempting to tell you what, in my experience, I found incredibly useful and what, in my opinion is worth investing in when you are having a baby for the first time.

Ergo Baby
I bought the Baby Byorn to begin with, because that's what everyone had and what I was probably suggested. It hurt my back and only really works with small babies. Ergo Baby changed my life and I still use it today on the back with GZ - a saviour when I travel with her alone.

Baby Cook
Who new that a simple little steamer could be so very useful!? I look at my friends that are boiling veg's away with a little smug smile. Baby Cook steams, not boils, anything in up to 15min. Steaming is better because it retains the vegetables vitamins up to 80%!! Plus, I use it myself when I fancy a quick lunch. Oh and it blends as well so when you get to weaning stage it's a one stop shop.

Uppa Vista pram
I remember the day I started the search for the prefect pram. All my mum friends had the Bugaboo and I was so torn because one thing is sure, it looks good but what I didn't know at the time is that eventually (and fast enough) you actually won't care, and practicality so takes over. I wanted a sturdy pram - I didn't care for lightness and being able to fold it into my cabin luggage compartment. They don;t let you take it up anyway and you will very seldom have to carry it by yourself. I opted for the Uppa Vista System - it's like a range rover, it goes everywhere: sand, cobbles, up and down stairs an it's got the biggest shopping compartment underneath. I love it, I more than love it I think it's brilliant!

Nappy disposal unit
If you think you can survive without it.. good luck!

Children have lots of things. If you think you can get away with travelling light or, even share a suitcase with a baby you are wrong. I bought Greta a real suitcase early on and it's been one of the best investments I've made. I also went a bit extravagant and bought her an Anya Hindmarch overnight monogrammed canvas bag, but you know what, I use it all the time and I look super stylish when carrying all her stuff on my low cost flights ;-)

Travel Cot
My husband and I are so smug when it comes to our travel cot. Petro  was always one step ahead of me when we had the kids but on the travel cot front we so beat her, and the biggest satisfaction when after bragging about her own, she ended up buying ours. Reasons to love it: it's the easiest thing to put together (literally in 3 moves) and packs almost flat, and it's one of the lightest on the market. Greta still uses it today. Couldn't recommend it more.

For me it was a question of looks as well as practicality and longevity. The Stokke highchair looks acceptable, comes in lots of colours to match your home decor and grows with your baby. Greta loves hers! 

Just my humble opinion, but I hope this helps! x
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