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Monday 28 November 2011

Hi from my shoot!

I'm busy shooting Red's March story today, but come on twitter @WITblog to see what's happening #behindthescene of my set.

Friday 25 November 2011

If you only buy one festive dress this season...

And this is why I love it:

1)  It has long sleeves- I can't do short sleeves or strapless in the winter. Can't bare being pale and I'm always cold..
2) It's flirty and fun! I love the combination of feathers and lace, this dress is fun and flirty but still wearable and grown up
3) It's black- so I can wear it over and over again and won't tire of it- you can never have too many LBD's
4) It's a good length- you can wear it with high heels or dress it down with a pair of pretty flats and the lengths is still flattering on shorties like me
5) It comes at a fair price- for the quality and wear I'm going to get out of it it comes at an affordable price
6) It's a no brainer kind-of-dress - it just looks great as it is, no need to accessorize, think of things to wear it with, just slip it on and feel fabulous! ;-)

(but apparently it's sold out on the website so I've found more at John Lewis by clicking HERE)

P.S Here I am with my Turkey last night ;-) 

Thursday 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving WIT readers!
Those of you who follow me on twitter know that in the past few days I've been busy organising my very first Thanksgiving dinner.  Tonight is the night and I'm wearing a celebratory dress.. come back tomorrow to see that and pics from my Thanksgiving feast ;-)

Wednesday 23 November 2011

My sanctuary

There is one place that is simply my favorite place in the world, more than SPA's and more than any shop, one where I can get lost in my thoughts, take long relaxing bubble baths, play with my make up, listen to music whilst getting ready, and that place is my bathroom. When I got married and moved house I was lucky enough to move into flat where I got my own bathroom (bliss!) and since then I've been creating a little sanctuary of relaxation...
One of my favorite things is taking long baths with gorgeously scented products, one of my favorite is a milky soak  which smells absolutely divine and the name is just so convincing!

I only have a regular size bathroom but I've invested in a Jacuzzi bath tub (not that much more expensive I was surprised to find out!) and it's amazing! It;s like having your own little SPA at home...

I love swimming and being at sea.. so my bathroom's decor has and underwater and beach feel to it...

  I collect sea shells and put them in big glass jars on shelves

I also have a collection of fish, I got these candle shaped ones in Capri on my honey moon.

This comes all the way from Mexico!

I use Dermaogica products every day - my favorite is

My auntie hand embroidered a set of towels for me- it's such a special gift...

I couldn't fit my dressing table in my previous tiny flat but I finally got it back and I am so happy! It's much more than just a place where I get my make up done...

I have photos of special people, happy memories,  postcards from exhibitions I loved and cut-outs of photogrphers that inspire me. It's like a growing life-moodboard! 

Some of my favorite make up

I sware by Shu Uemura black eyeliner, it's the best I've ever used Shu Uemura painting liner £20. And I love YSL's Le Rouge Pur Couture and Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Compact £30.50 for a bit of facial glow!


I LOVE anything at Bliss Spa  my favorite products at the moment are the scrubbing lemon+sage  body soap bars and the "cellulite stimulator"... I'm such a beauty junkie!

Another favorite scrub is the Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra's Body Scrub- it smells of roses and is very effective, leaves skin soft and clean.

I keep all my make up in Muji stackable plastic boxes and label the contents. Obsessive (I know) but it saves me time and i always find what I need in no time!

I travel a lot and sometimes from one day to te next- so I always have my make-up and wash bag ready to go with all the things I need. I keep travel size products from hotels so that I can carry them in my handabg. I love Anya's travel pouches and I am building up a small selection of matching product.

This is my Ikea two-sided box of nail-stuff: one side holds all my polishes and the other all my tools..

And when Ive had a really long day and I want to give myself a real treat I use Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream £20
My scents: Prada's Fleur d'Orange and Jo Malone 

And my favourite relaxing scented candle

And finally, I love mt storage! I get my white wicker containers from John Lewis and arrange them on my shelves. John Lewis has a great selection here

Tuesday 22 November 2011

How to wear a gilet

I bought my Joseph gilet two years ago and I still get stopped on the street to get asked where it's from. Right now it's the perfect climate for gilets so you can wear it with slick denim, statement gloves and a cosy jumper. I did a little search for fab gilets for all pockets and here's what I found. 

Joseph gilet, Brora jumper, Mih jeans, New look shoes, Chanel bag

Monday 21 November 2011

"IF ONLY" I didn't have to take the tube every day...

I would wear mad heels every day! 

I absolutely LOVE high heeled shoes, the madder the better. I love colour, sandals, court shoes, prints, glitter, metallics, bows, straps.. all of it!  But it has to be said, walking to and from the tube evey day, up and down escalators, in and out of press days (sometimes in the cold and rain) is not the perfect way of life to be walked on heels. However as this is fantasy-week on WIT everything is allowed, so instead of my Top Shop ballerinas I would wear my amazing rupert Sanderson neon pumps which I've also been snapped by Vogue.it - Grazie Vogue Italia!

J.Crew T-shirt, Raoul pants, Rupert Sanderson pumps

Amongst my favorite mad shoes...
MIU MIU, Jimmy Choo, Pierre Hardy, Christian Louboutin and 

Friday 18 November 2011

SERIOUSLY good buy!

Today I'm rocking a head-to-toe high street look. I LOVE my new navy coat with leather sleeves from New Look and I cant' believe it is as cheap as it is, so I wanted to flag it up for all of you. Hope you love it as much as i do! Have a fab week end and see you next week for a WIT fantasy-special called "If only..."

Uniqlo jumper, New Look coat, top Shop trousers, KG ballerinas

You can buy it from New Look 
and add in SEARCH: "tailored leather style sleeve coat"

...Also, do you remember my starry jumper from a few posts back? I promised to let you know when it hit the stores and...

It's now AVAILABLE ON LINE exclusively at Netaporter! Click below
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