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Friday 29 June 2012

WIT's Baby Fridays: my favorite websites part 1

Today's WIT baby Friday is dedicated to all those lovely blogs and websites I've been trawling over the past seven months. I've spent countless evenings daydreaming and compiling virtual lists of all the things I would love to buy! Weather you are looking for practical information, a little bit of nursery decor inspiration or the perfect little frock, here is the first part of my must reads.


Cutest fabrics and adorable rompers, if I have a girl I'm buying one in every colour! I also love the cute gift ideas like the diaper pouches and bib sets.  They ship to the UK but thankfully, as  I don't know what I'm having, I haven't been able to order anything... yet.


This website has a bit of everything baby related, but I haven't started looking at technical buys yet instead I've been eyeing bits and bobs from the baby bedroom section. They have a great selection of storage solutions and lots of things in unisex colours too.



The cutest baby clothes and at really reasonable prices too. Take advantage of the extra pounds off during the sale.  There are boutiques scattered a bit all over the world so look for one near you.



I love the semplicity of this French store and the chic colour palette of their entire collection. I particularly like that you can choose items by colour and it's not all in the usual pink or blue. I love greys, neutrals and browns to which you can then add on a splashes of brighter colours. They also have a lovely home decor section, for babies, kids and grownups.


This is my go-to webiste whenever I have a questions about pregnancy: anything from which cheeses are safe to eat to what are my options for birth, I subscribed to it as soon as I found out I was pregnant. There is system for which you can put your due date and you get a weekly update on your babies development (I love receiving it on a Thursday), videos and a handy mobile app too.


I adore this website that my lovely colleague Sarah at Red started a few months ago. She has the most goreous taste in clothes, her twins are the luckiest kids! Best things is, this blog is all baout beautiful things that won't brake the bank, so right up my street. I check it out every day and never fail to love her daily choices. Don't forget to look at her Pinterest boards too, the kids room section is real a feast for the eye and I've already copied this great Liberty print curtain idea.


As a Fashion Editor I have worked at magazines including Marie Claire, Glamour and Red for over 15 years, styling fashion shoots (and the odd celebrity or two…). Needless to say I love clothes. But after having twins (Tabitha & Marlow, collectively known as Tabarlow) in January 2010, my new obsession quickly became kids’ clothes.
Being a busy working mum of twins with very little free time, I soon came up against various problems dressing them. I found myself looking for simple, cute, practical pieces (no lurid colours, naff motifs etc etc) that were also affordable. This was no easy task! But over time, with a bit of practice, I re-trained my (womenswear) fashion eye to finding fab kids’ clothes too. I found it quite a fun styling challenge – trawling the high street, searching for pieces that look great but don’t cost the earth. I couldn’t care less whose name is on the label inside if it looks fantastic on the outside. If anything, I think it’s far cooler not to dress your kids in head-to-toe designer clothes.
So I started sharing my finds with my friends with kids (texts such as: get down to your nearest M&S – they’ve done the best desert boots for £22!!) who, after forwarding my hot tips onto their friends, then suggested I spread the word a little further. So here it is. Everything I feature here will be things that I honestly think are great and really worth buying (without exception) and that one of the twins (or both) is probably already wearing (and trust me, I am very picky about what I dress my kids in!!). I genuinely believe that you do not need to max out your credit card to dress your kids well. And I’ve always loved a bargain! I will do all the legwork – think of me as your filter – you don’t need to trawl through all the naff stuff to find the gems, I’ve already done it for you. And if there is something great out there, believe me I’ll find it. To buy anything on this site, just click on the price. Happy shopping!
Sarah xx

One of Sarah's great ideas


And to close this weeks Baby WIT Friday another favourite blog of another gorgeous friend and Red contributor, Deboarah. She is my holy grail of fashion, beauty, baby and just about everything else knowledge on top of always looking stunning and having the most well behaved beautiful children I know.  Her daughter Hermione (who's blog is an account of her everyday wardrobe) has got to be the most stylish little girl in town. But I'll let Deborah do the talking...

"As a fashion editor i am obsessed with clothes and have, as such, an enormous wardrobe. Nothing prepared me, however, for having a daughter. She received so many gorgeous gifts, many of which were clothes and i simply wanted to show friends how fabulous she looked in each and every outfit. And so each week i would e-mail her fashion diary and so her blog was born..."

See you soon with another round of my favorite blogs and websites...

Thursday 28 June 2012

Lace skirt

I really love a lace skirt, I almost much prefer it in the summer with a tanned bare leg rather than with tights in winter. I was so looking forward to wearing my new mint green Top Shop one below, but unfortunately I will have to wait till next spring to wear it. If you can though, buy one because it's amazing and much more affordable than the leather Christopher Kane one I drooled over last season. Here are some of my favorite ones on sale now- my tip is to wear with casual tops and flat shoes and don't be afraid to go for poppy colours.

Prada top, Mango skirt, YSL bag, Office sandals

The fab Christopher Kane green leather skirt from last season

Monday 25 June 2012

Sneak peek behind the camera

In hair and make up and filming a little surprise today. All to be revealed very soon, but for now it's all under wraps.

Friday 22 June 2012

WIT's Baby Friday: Shower Party

I recently organised my sister's shower party back in Italy and had a world of fun! It does however take a lot of careful planning and patience especially if you are dealing with an extended guest list. i wanted hers to be a bit of a surprise so we just agreed on a day and I asked her for her wish list of friends. from there on, I took over. Here's a little account on how I got everything together, from food to decoration, invites and thank you goodie bags. I hope you enjoy it!

First things first, gather your inspiration. I love Snippet and Ink, it's actually a wedding blog, I use to look at it for entire evenings when organising my wedding, but it's so visually  beautiful you can find inspiration for any party. I wanted to recreate a bit of an english garden tea party back in Italy and these images helped me keep to a theme.

One thing that I've learned working as a fashion and shopping editor is to stick to a colour palette. things work so much better visually when you have a clear palette in your mind. My sister is not finding out what her baby is so mine couldn't be gender specific. I chose a palette of lilac, yellow and greens. 

Invites were next, and that's where I have so much fun! I used runner stamps on plain brown folded cards and bought cupcake shaped stickers from Paperchase to decorate the front. 

Rubber stamps from Liberty London

It's always a nice gesture to give your guests a small favour or thank you present as they leave your party. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could be a a little nail varnish, a hand written card or a little charm. I got a little friendship bracelet for each friend and stamped the brown card with a "Thank You" rubber stamp.  

I used the same yellow chalk based pen to write all addresses to keep everything consistent (remember your colour palette).

A cost effective way to wrap presents is to use tissue paper, it comes in an array of beautiful colours and it's much cheaper than buying proper wrapping paper. Using a grosgrain ribbon gives the package an expensive touch. A beautifully wrapped present makes all the difference!

Always have a lovely card too- I loved this one I got from Liberty. Get everyone to leave a little message  so your friend can read later and keep as a little memento.

Ta da!

Decoration is up next on the list with flowers. I bought a few bunches of pretty flowers and then arranged them in small vases of different heights. This way you can scatter them around the table and the room.

I  wash and keep pretty perfume bottles, candle vases and glass with cute shapes. I have a big selection of small bottles to use as flower vases for parties. these are some of the ones from my wedding that came handy again.

And here's the result!

Food is a vital in my family, we love a good meal and on this occasion I knew my sister would have loved an English style high tea complete with clotted cream and scones. Here's the menu for her tea... 


Earl Grey tea
Apricot Juice

Assorted macaroons
Fruit scones with Clotted cream and Strawberry Jam
Chocolate rolls
Chocolate marbled and Blueberry muffins
Carrot cake and Chocolate frosted mini cup cakes 
Lemon drizzle cake
Chocolate buisquits
Liquorice sweets 
Caramel popcorn

Ham and butter & Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches

Decoration is up next. My mum and I set up the dining table with a white linen table cloth and mis-matched crockery sets. 

We hang up bunting and scattered lilac and white balloons in the room.

We arranged yummy tea cakes, chocolates, sweets and cup cakes that we displayed in a selection of different plates and stands. 

More super cute bunting selection from www.notonthehighstreet.com

 I love this Anthropologie Cake stand £138
icon and Hobnail pitcher £58

The table looked scrumptious and the food delicious.. so much so there was nothing left when all the guest left.

Doesn't it look delicious? 

A few "bump-friendly" dresses for the perfect shower party


Time to open some presents!
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