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Thursday 31 March 2011


In the past few days I've been preparing mood boards and trend reports for next A/W, looking at what I think women will want to wear next season. Inspired by Chanel's catwalk collection I am doing my version of "grunge" with lots of black, knitwear and leather jacket. Spring? Not yet judging by the landscape behind me...

Whistles leather jacket, Banana Republic scarf, Cos trousers, Marni socks, Top Shop shoes, Chanel bag

Wednesday 30 March 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: cellulite-free legs

Every year at beginning of April, I am suddenly reminded that summer is just around the corner and that bikini time is not-so-long away.  This year I have the extra inventive of wanting to look great on my honey money and wedding pics so I am extra aware. So for the 5th consecutive year, I am starting my beautifying anti-cellulite regime made of a little more greens, a bit of exercise and Fat Girl Slim. There aren't many beauty products I am prepared to sware by, but Fat Girl Slim is one of them. I am not quite sure if it's the every-day evening massage (I apply it religiously every night April through to the end of the summer) or the actual cream , but this product does the trick every year and I love it. This year I am also introducing a new tool of the anti-cellulite trade, the Fat Girl Slimulator which helps stimulate circulation whilst you shower.

So here's how I do it:
  1. Shower (twice a week with a good scrub- I love Clinique body sparkle)
  2. Massage sluggish areas with Fat Girl Slimulator
  3. Dry
  4. A quick feet-to-hearts dry body brush (I use an old body brush but Elemis does a good one)
  5. Apply Fat Girl Slim to thighs starting from behind the knee working way up to bum, hips and tummy.
  6. That's it

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Spring Summer or more like Winter?

Like for many of you, deciding what to wear these days is becoming seriously tricky. One day it's sunny and warm and the next is overcast and chilly. My tactic is layering. Start with a mid-season basic (skirt/dress/trousers) and dress it up in layers that can be taken off. Under my jumper is a lightweight sweatshirt in case the sun comes out..

Zara coat, grey maxi jumper, HM pleather leggings, New Look ballerinas and Prada bag.

Monday 28 March 2011

Red ballerinas

I loves Chloe's SS red bellerinas, such a simple (and comfy) statement shoes. Add a cherry red accent to your outfit with these great high street aletrnative from New Look.  

Chloe ballerinas £255 from Netaporter.com


Cos top and trousers, New Look ballerinas

Thursday 24 March 2011

Lunch time shopping

Im off for a little lunch time expedition today in a little ensemble of print extravaganza. Loving that the sun is shining and that all I have to wear is a top a and light jacket. Maybe time for wardrobe swap over soon!

Reiss coat, Joie top, Current Elliott Jeans, Miu Miu necklace, New Look ballerinas

Wednesday 23 March 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: Flower girls

 Another WIT Wedding Wednesday another wardrobe idea, this time for flower girls.  I am no baby clothes expert (this is a WIT first), so this was a tough post. I love the simplicity of a little cotton or linedn smock dress, worn with a cropped cardi or bolero, leather sandals and a little bit of a chic hair accessories. Here are some of my favorite internet finds and a few ideas on where to find...

WIT mum readers.. do give me advice on where to find flower garlands?

Best for dresses and accessories:

Marie Chantal
Angel's Face
Petit Aime
and the most chic little baby in the UK... Mini:

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Neon touch

Today's back to work outfit is a mix of black and grey hues with leopard print and spots with a dash of Miu Miu bling to match my fluoro nails (Illamasqua is my latest find). 

Reiss coat, Cos jumper, Marni skirt, Chanel bag, RB ballerinas, Miu Miu necklace.

Monday 21 March 2011

Dress code: country walk

Still out of town enjoying the last bit of my 30th birthday celbration and today I am in the great British countryside. Wellies, cashmere jumper and"week-end" jacket is the perfect dress code for a walk in the meadows.. And to feed the horses.

Marc Jacobs jacket, Banana Republic scarf, Current Elliot jeans, Hunter wellies and MJ sunnies

Friday 18 March 2011

The cargo is back

It's one of my favorite wardrobe items but it's been packed away in my S/S stash I'm tempting Spring to come early by wearing them on this rainy day with bretton top, Miu Miu necklace and scarlet ballerinas.

Thursday 17 March 2011

Another milestone

Florence 17 Marzo 1981
2011 is a big year for me: new job, new home, getting married and to add to the lot, today I turn 30.
Perhaps it hasn't hit me (yet), but  (in case it does) I've decided to put "on paper" all the GOOD things about turning 30 and all the reasons to embrace my thirties:

I can now say that being a grown up feels exactly the same way it did when I was 20.
"Grown-ups" are a myth

Still no white hairs in sight

I LOVE my job and do exactly what I like

I share my birthday with ITALY'S 150th birthday! 17 March 1861 Italy becomes a united nation. If I were in Italy today, it would be national holiday!!

If I really, really wanted I could afford to buy fur and diamonds (ok.. very little ones)

Vividly remembering  being 12 and thinking 30 was PROPER old. Now knowing exactly what my goddaughter thinks of me, and how wrong she is

 I may soon have things like nieces,  brother in laws and a husband. I use to love those words as a kid and was so jealous I didn't have any

This is the decade I could become a fashion director and own a walk-in-wardrobe

I have friends I have known and loved for half of my life time. Now those are good friends

As I told my friend Claire when she turned 30: if they ever happened to be in fashion, we could wear gray knee length skirts and definetly not look like  we're in our school uniforms

Opening the letter that my friend Sere and I wrote to our 30-selves  ten years ago

My advice now comes with some level of experience (oh my god I am old, that's something my dad would say)

In reality, all the really exciting things of life are just about to start...

A few hours old

Happy Birthday to all of you born on March 17th around the world!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

WIT Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids

This week I thought I would address the problem of where to find chic bridesmaids dresses  at affordable prices. Bridesmaid dresses can easily look naff,  in my opinion keep it tonal, stay away from beaded details, duchess satin or  shiny fabrics and prefer a more fluid shilouette in georgette or chiffon.  I love both maxi or short better even if worn with flats for a contemporary, cool look. This is the right time of the year to look for pretty dresses in candy colours, as most stores are stocking up on summer occasion wear.  I've had a little look on the Internet and made a selection of my favorites.

Happy WIT Wedding Wednesday and see you next week

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Polka dots and stripes

It's seems like it's dress week this week. Today it's the turn of one of my favorite office numbers. Joseph does this dress in different colours and prints and it's been one of the best buys I did this year!

Joseph dress, Miu Miu necklace, Benetton top, Zara shoes.

Monday 14 March 2011

It's a beautiful day!

I can't wait to lose tights and coats to say spring time, but in the mean time here's a winter version of what I'll be wearing in a months time.

Cos dress, Benetton stripy top, HM tights, Gap foldable ballerinas, Miu Miu necklace and Joseph double belt.

Friday 11 March 2011

Friday breakfast

I've got a busy day of meetings today and going straight to dinner with friends tonight, so jewelled ballerinas for the day and heels tonight will do the trick. I'm also wearing my new navy Mango lacey-crochet skirt which, at £49, looks like a little bit of Stella for less.

Joseph fur gilet, Whistles leather jacket, Petit bateau top, Mango skirt, Miu Miu flats, Chanel bag.

Thursday 10 March 2011

Lace and Leopard print

Back in the office and rocking one of my favorite SS combinations: lace and leopard print and here's where you can get something similar.

Top Shop top, Current Elliot jeans, Christian Louboutin loafers

To buy REISS top click here

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Another amazing day in Paris

Bonjour! First stop Louis Vuitton wearing my white lace Louboutins, leather leggings, grey sweatshirt, Chanel bag and red Zara coat. Come on twitter to see the shows with me!

Tuesday 8 March 2011

I'm in Paris today!

Bonjour WIT readers! Late evening update as I've been up since 4m and haven't had time to update today's post. It's been a wonderful day and those of you that follow me on twitter have probably seen bits of it. Last night was drama-ville as I didn't what to pack from my two day stint in Paris... so I resorted to a chic trench and my favorite Chanel accessories. It doesn't get more French than this. So here is how my dau unfolded....

4.00am Alarm goes off
4.30am Get in a cab to King's X station 
5.25am Paris Eurostar
6.00am breakfast (croissant was delicious!)


9.00am arrive at Gare du Nord
9.15am quickly dress in my room where some of my most treasured accessories see the light of day: Chanel navy satin shoes with star buttons, Chanel metallic star print bag shoes and Prada gold gloves..

9.45am Meet the RED team in the lobby and off to Chanel. I giggle at "Madame Laura Fantacci" (one for the frame..)

The show was at the Grand Palais and it's a beeeautiful day

10.30am The catwalk is huge and models walk up and down from both ends of the room. There's a volcanic theme, black gravel and white smoke creates a magical mist. Fabulous!

Another few resees and then my 4am wake up call-jet lag kicks in and I can't remember anything until after lunch, when we headed to a YSL rese. The show was beautiful and it was really exciting to see it all for real..

a bit of YSL landscaping

And some of the beautiful clothes and accessories from the YSL showroom

After YSL (a bit delirious) I head out for a little walk down Rue St Honore and bump into Colette for Chanel pop up store, Lanvin, Hermes, Sandro, Maje... all my favorites. But I'm really looking for is a chemist, because I'm an avid follower of Gwyneth Paltrow's website, GOOP,  and in a post a while ago she recommends fab products from the French chemist.. 

so what do I end up buying?? Not a bag, not a beautiful pair of shoes... but this!

Click here to see Gwyneth's recommendtions

Monday 7 March 2011

From the set...

 It's a beautiful day in London so I'm preparing for beach time?!? Not really, but come June all will be revealed.  Having some fun on the set of my shoot today and playing dress up time.

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