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Wednesday 28 October 2015

The one in, one out rule

Stella McCartney cape, Gap jumper, Mother denim jeans, Jimmy Choo shoes and sunglasses

I've had to come to the realisation that I do not have unlimited space in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I prefer having  somewhat limited edit of clothes so on a regular basis I give to charity/sell/give away all the thing that I don't wear any longer. However, since moving back into my flat and designing my own wardrobes, it is my strict "One in, One out" rule that is keeping things in ship shape. There's not much explaining to do, it's as simple as this: when I get something new, something old has to go. So this week, as I welcomed a new pair of reasonably heeled, lace pointy pointy pumps from Jimmy Choo to my wardrobe, an old pair of Topshop sandals are making their way back to Italy to my cousin. I find that this rule not only keeps my wardrobe nicely edited and fresh, but also allows me keep the fashion circle going!

The perfect dress-up your jeans shoe.. I'm in LOVE!

Hello new shoes!

Making space for a new shoe box in my heeled shoe cupboard

Monday 26 October 2015

The all-parties party skirt

I was recently on a shoot where I got to wear a fabulous statement skirt, one of those items that from the you moment you put it on you know you could wear it to a dozen different party occasions, from a smart dinner at friends house, to Thanksgiving, Christmas day and even New Year.

Philospohy di Lorenzo Serafini

It may be because I have already started working on our Wardrobe ICONS party issues or because I've done a few interviews were asked what I will be wearing during the party season, but the moment I clocked this  Philospohy di Lorenzo Serafini skirt from  Luisa Via Roma I thought it would be one of those great little investment/multitasking pieces that I could wear over and over again from everything to jumpers, shirts and T-shirt.

I obviously couldn't wait to wear it for something more appropriate so I wore it at the weekend with a slouchy jumper, Jimmy Choo lace heels for a dinner party (I was totally overdressed but who cares!). I love it so much I may very well wear it again this weekend to Halloween party.. very stylishly witchy!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini layered tulle skirt £460 

Friday 23 October 2015

WIT Mama Friday: Halloween chic

My super talented friends invites came as ghosts in a little box! Genius
Greta has been invited to a Halloween party and for the first time she kind of knows what it's all about so we've had a lot of fun thinking about her costume. She is going to go as a witch and since her cousin will be visiting from Italy, they will go as a witch and wizard pair. I've done a little bit of research into a costume and I'm amazed at how everything is either super cheap looking or really quite expensive for something to be worn once. So, I decided to get a little creative and put together a costume with less conventional Halloween bits and bobs. I got her a black cotton leotard (finding a matte cotton one was harder than I thought! Black cotton leotard £6 F+F), black tights (Black tights £10 Ilovegorgeous ), black sparkle tutu (Balck sparkle tutu £14 Marks and Spencer), her little Gap kitten shoes (Cat velvet slippers £16 GAP ) and crazy green glitter hairdo with a big tulle alice band (I made it but this one is pretty cute too Alice band £ John Lewis). The final touch is a super sweet
Mini witch broom £3.99  that she's desperate to ride!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

The perfect winter slipper: velvet flats

I bought my Dolce + Gabbana velvet slippers in the summer from the outlets in Florence thinking they would make the perfect winter flat and I'm pretty pleased with my buy. I've worn them a couple of times out for dinner with a simple cropped pant and a cashmere sweater and even with a LBD at a house party. There's something about the velvet that makes them perfectly wintry so today I wanted to show you a couple similar styles (mine are sadly no longer available) to shop for now if you too are looking for the perfect winter slipper.

Chloé Velvet ballet flats £370

Charlotte Olympia Mid Century Kitty embroidered velvet point-toe flats £340

Tabitha Simmons  Hermione velvet pumps  £435

J.Crew  velvet bow gladiator flats £198

Forever21 velvet flats £21

Monday 19 October 2015

The 'coatigan'

Topshop coat, Joseph leggings, J.Crew shoes and bag
I've been coveting an Isabel Marant lightweight coat (or coatigan as it seems to be called) for a while, but I often find the arm too skinny and I can't then wear if underneath big jumpers in the winter. I want something that can take me from the car to the office or in and out of meetings that keeps me warm but is not overly heavy and I found this Isabel Marant style coat in Topshop that does the trick. Today I am wearing it with leather leggings and a grey jumper and it instantly lifts my look.To be honest, had I not seen it in real life first I wouldn't have been tempted (the pic on the net doesn't do it justice), but the fabric is really expensive looking and I absolutely love the frayed edge and monochrome palette.

Topshop Premium textured coatigan £150

Thursday 15 October 2015

my Coat guest edit for IRIS Fashion

One of the fun things I get to do in my job is try on lots of fabulous clothes, just for the fun of it. I've been working in the fashion industry for almost 15 years so hopefully I've learnt a thing or two about great clothes and sometimes brands call me to cast an eye over their collection and suggest which pieces me and my readers would like. So that's exactly what I did one day in September at a fabulous independent shop in London called IRIS. This is part 2 of my guest edit (a couple for weeks it was all about my current obsession with dressing all-white), and I'm focusing on great outerwear. I chose a little bit if everything, from  really useful navy pea coat to this seasons must have cape. Have a look for yourself and see what you think - a head's up, look at IRIS's own brand for great, quality staples at really affordable prices (I'm obsessed with my cashmere grey roll neck). Anyway, have a look at this piece on their blog and hope you like it. x


Thursday 8 October 2015

WIT refurb new buys (from my sick bed)

So as it turns out, spending four days in bed with the flu can be quite detrimental to ones bank account! But this time I didn't go crazy on shoes, bags or a new cashmere scarf but on all things 'homey". My flat is about 80% finished, but there are still lots of finishing touches that I would like to add here and there, but who has the time to look through a zillion websites for the perfect cushion, softest throw and new napkins? Not me... unless, I'm bed bound for 72 hours! So I finally came round to buying new cushions for the bedroom and sofa, contemplated the idea of putting up a fern print feature wall in my bathroom, finally found the grey wine glasses I had been looking for and bought a new chair for my desk (the Eames plastic one I have really hurt my bum!!). Plus, I accidentally splurged on some new stationery, new napkins (lots of dinner parties coming up for the Christmas period!?!?) and on scented candles with my whole family's initials and bough a couple of extra mugs in case the ones I have get trashed! It's been a productive few days and here is the fruit of my labor!

I posted this pic on Instagram of my Ikea chest of drawers the other day - it had the ugliest handles and I researched right, left and center for a set that would make it look a bit cooler. A really lovely Instagram follower pointed me in the direction of this Swedish company called NU Interiors and I bought by medium size great leather handles from them just before the summer. I only got around to put them on recently and here is the final effect. I LOVE them! Oh and the vase is also new from Clifton Nurseries in London, the mirror (£175) and the lamp base (£99) from John Lewis and lamp from  shade from Fermoie.

Have you been in... Jigsaw lately?

I'm guilty of not having updated WIT in almost a week but boy I was struck with a horrid flu and you do not want to see pics of what I looked like in the past few days! Luckily last week I had a little dress up session with Petro at my office as we got first dibs on Jigsaw's new luxury capsule collection called 'A' line and took this pic I thought I would show you today. The thing is I love the High Street, I really do, but since hitting my 30's (and starting Wardrobe ICONS) I realised that I didn't want a wardrobe made up of "look a likes" and cheap alternatives to items I covet - rather I wanted to take my time, save up and invest in great quality pieces that I will look at and love forever. The great thing is when the High Street allows you to have that same designer experience at more accessible prices - don't get me wrong, still expensive but much more obtainable. So many High Street brands are clocking up on this (look at Top Shop Unique, Whistles Limited Edition, J.Crew Collection, Marks and Spencer's Best of British and even Mango in now doing a luxury cashmere line!). I've had the opportunity to touch, feel and try on the pieces myself and we are talking about 100% cashmere coats, really beautiful silks and impeccable tailoring that has nothing to envy to Rag & Bone or Carven. The collection is made up of 40 limited-edition pieces sourced from the finest mills in the UK and Italy and that are all classic, long lasting pieces. I think you should take a look at it and see what you think. I got the culottes and they definitely look and feel line a forever buy. 

Monday 5 October 2015

How to wear your silly shoes every day

Banana Republic trench, J.Crew sweater, Mango jeans, Miu Miu shoes
I look at my wardrobe and I think I have a pretty classic collection of staples, but then I look at my shoe cupboard and I think I've got some rather crazy stuff in there! What is it that prevents me from buying crazy tops and bottoms but not totally insane shoes? I think it's the fact that my crazy shoes can pretty much be worn any day of the year, when paired with my simple classics. So this week I dare you to wear some of your wildest shoes, just pair with your favorite jeans, a chic grey sweater and your classic trench over the shoulders. And talking shoes here are some of the ones I own and similar pairs to mine.

J.Crew Tippi sweater £79  and 
Mango patchwork jeans £39.99 with ...

Friday 2 October 2015

WIT mama Friday: bedtime stories

I love reading Greta a bedtime story, it's actually one of my favourite times of the day, I love to get into bed with her and despite her constant interruptions ("Why mummy? Why has the dog broke the bed? Why mummy? Why has the kitten lost it's mummy!?), I think it's a lovely moment that I hope she will treasure forever.

Now there is a but - boy can it get boring when you are reading the same story over and over again! I always get so excited when she gets given a new book and I really think a book is the best gift she can receive. So, hoping to give you a little inspiration and to get plenty more back from you, here are 5 of our favourite bedtime stories to date. Please let me know what your kids favourite bedtime stories are, I am always in search of new and fun adventures!

"Yummy Scrummy Day"
Greta loves food, in this story Belle and Boo go the orchard and then cook up a feast in Belle's super sweet kitchen. Greta never bores of this sweet story I also think it has to do with the fact that she has a bunny obsession!

"Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten"
This book has an interactive element that Greta loves. Her kitten gets tangled in a woolen thread made of pink glitter that children can follow with their finger on each page.  I love that Penelope is a princess that lives in an unusually modern house and that it's actually not 'Princessy" at all!

"No Such Thing"
At first I didn't think Greta would get the quirkiness of this book but now at the age of 3 she is actually fascinated by all things a little bit spooky. There are (friendly) little ghosts and Halloween references throughout and Greta loves spotting the ghosts hidden on each page.

"That's my Hat"
Greta and I both LOVE this pop up book, it's an incredible work of art! It's the story of a littlegirl who looses her hat stolen by a monkey who then proceeds to hide in the most wonderful settings. Greta love sto spot the hat and there's so much to look at on each page it's a feast for the eyes. 

"Best Bedtime Stories Ever"
I remember my grandmotehr reading me Richard Scarry's stories - they are all a little bit silly an unusual, so much so that I don't thing I get them but Greta adores them! This is a collection of some of his best ones, with the usual charachetre such as Mummy Cat and her seven kittens, Lowly the worm and Mr. Frumble.

PS. A little note - as I'm only posting 3 times a week these days I will cut back on WIT mama Friday on the first Friday of every month. See you Friday November the 6th for the next instalment!

WIT mama Friday: child-free girls weekend

I'm off to Ibiza on an all girls trip this weekend ... I won't brag as I realise I'm leaving behind horrid weather in the UK so just a little packing post of what's made it into my carry on trolley in case you need some inspiration/ practical advice for a weekend away! Most mums will know the feeling: a mixture of total happiness of leaving everything mum-related behind and terrible sadness to leave your Saturday morning 7am wake up call at home ;-)

Three days and three nights:
Friday/Saturday/Sunday + Travel outfit

Lingerie + Nightwear
3 pieces of swimwear
2 beach dresses
2 evening dresses
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of espadrilles
1 denim jacket
1 large scarf 
1 pair of sunglasses
1 small jewellery pouch
Beauty case + Make up 
Travel outfit: jeans, stripe top, espadrilles, lightweight jacket + handbag

Simiilar things to what I've packed:

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