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Friday, 9 March 2012

Catwalk show and I want YOU!

Catwalk show!
Not quite the glamorous polished event I experience at fashion weeks, so excuse the messy hair, the end of day make up, the crappy lighting and the pale skin (I'm not quite ready for a bare leg and I'm most definetly not ready for the one piece swimsuit I bought). However last night I just couldn't resist trying on everything I bought, and what fun! My favorite pieces are the brocade top and trousers, the maxi dress and the earrings. I also love the double print cotton dress to the far left which i didn't think I was going to like as much. Since I almost fainted when the cashier told me how much I had spent, I'm stille debating weather to return some of the items I'm not sure about.. The week end will bring advice. In the mean time the space below is all for you, please send me a pic of you in your favourite Marni at HM buys for another post on how you are WIT-ing it today! Will update this post next Sunday with my favorite looks so get catwalking this week end!!

Send all pics to wearingittoday@gmail.com


Jo Entwistle said...

Hi Laura

I LOVE the print dress (which is to the far right on my screen not the left. I'm a bit hazy on R and L too!) The brocade top is lovely (I wasn't too keen on it in the flesh but it suits you). I also like the maxi (again, not a favourite when I saw it but you wear it well).

I'm sad to say in my frenzy I picked up a size 6 not an 8 in the dotty jacket. Kicking myself as I had both sizes with me. Now not sure I have to take back one of my fav items or risk wardrobe malfunction when I bend down to pick something up. (Do size 6 things sell at all on ebay? If so, I might sell and trade up for the duster coat which is what a really wanted). Personally I think this is H&M's best designer collection yet. I'm returning a few items but I'm keeping two tops that I'll always treasure. What fun it was to be in the thick of it yesterday!


Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda said...

Bellissimo questo puzzle!!!


Love your little Marni fashion show - lovely. My selections are on their way,I ordered online. Hopefully arriving soon! Did you keep your necklace? x

dinkyfin said...

love your Marni montage Laura....the trousers are by far the my favorite,maxi & earrings I love too ! Wish I had managed to grab a piece of Marni yesterday but alas I was trapped in work.... All day boooo ! Xxx

Unknown said...

I like only the necklaces, bold, to die for... I think it will be impossibile to find one on Saturday... :(

Anonymous said...

I love your selection!
Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky cause I got one of the last bracelets... Anyway, I found two of my must have pieces.

I hope to convince my boyfriend to take the pics, I like your catwalk idea :)

Have a nice weekend!

PS do you know who will make the next capsule? Any rumors?

Anonymous said...

You look like a gypsy in all of them

WIT said...

Most of you ordered online so I've decided to extend my deadline to next Sunday! email me pics or tweet them @WITblog xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Lovely purchases, I got the double print blue dress too, initially I was't too sure about it but it's grown on my greatly and can't wait to wear it and think it will be a perfect day dress. I also got the beautiful black polka dot coat but had to return it was it was way too big, I found the sizes to be rather on the big size, how did you find them?
My favourite piece was easily the black flower necklace and the earring you got, sadly the latter weren't in the branch I elected to shop in, boo!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you wear your lovely Marni for H&M pieces over the coming weeks.


PS. Jo! I'm a size 6, I've never had any problems selling that size on eBay, if anything they always sell really well and in this instance, I have no doubt it will sell!

Anonymous said...

i think that some things are just made to happen.yesterday i didn'actually manage to buy anything as everything i wanted was sold out (necklaces).so today i went to selfridges to get a look to what was left...and the girl RIGHT BEFORE me got the very last necklace,the one with black flowers.SOOO SAD!!!!i sadly went to bond street and while i was on my way to the fitting room with the strips cardigan,i came across a shop assistant carving some boxes...one of them was a necklace!!!i literally grabbed it from his hands.and i bought the cardi too,really cute!!!it was meant to be.
Will surely send you pics!
:) ida

WIT said...

Send me a pic of you I'm your favourite Marni buy for next weeks post please! X (I too had to return a few things due to messed up sizing.. So annoying). To the gipsy comment.. You are kind of right! It made me laugh!!

The Polka Leopard said...

i haven't checked out the collection yet so i am delighted to get a sneak peak at it from your blog! everything looks fabulous on you!especially the maxi skirt x

I Turner said...
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