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Monday, 12 March 2012

Thank you WhatsinmyHandbag.com

A huge thank you to the team at What's In My Handbag for my lovely feature on their fabulous blog www.whatsinmyhandbag.com. WIMHB is a brilliant website featuring candid pictures of what the industry creatives are carrying in their handbags, all with a special focus on beauty products. If like me you are A) nosey B) a beauty junkie, you will love it. You'll find everyone from make up artists to editors, stylists and beauty experts. 

Whilst I was at the shows they asked me to to take a pic of my favorite bag (it had to be the Emily from Smythson) with my must-have make up and favorite beauty products. I had to think long and hard but I came up with some of my absolute essentials, tried tested and loved. Check out the blog to see what these are are and why by clicking on this special link to skip the waiting list and become a member!

PFW: Beyond The Bag with Laura Fantacci

Need a new fashion crush? Nope, neither did we. Then we stumbled upon stylist Laura Fantacci’s online wardrobe log Wearing It Today and wouldn’t you know it, game over. As Fashion & Shopping Editor for Red Magazine she’ll give you the scoop on who makes what, where you’ll find it and who does the high street version as well as showing you how to sling it all together. Laura, you’re our hero, now tell us how it’s done…

I love dressing for Paris. Fashion Week is always a bit more glam there than in London, which is more about street-style. The Moschino dress I’m wearing here is one I bought for New Year’s Eve. I did get some double takes away from the shows  – everywhere else it was just a regular Sunday morning, even in Paris. But I recommend it, wearing an evening dress for breakfast is brilliant fun. 
I shop in-between the shows, just a little sprint here and there. Merci is the new Colette – it’s a lifestyle store, a one-stop shop, quite urban. Or I go to the pharmacies to stock up on cheap lip balm and skincare from brands like Avène and La Roche-Posay. They’re the best.
I like to think I don’t have a bad clothes day but you tell me! I’ve developed a wardrobe of safe go-tos, classic combinations that are universally approved by just about everyone. A great pair of jeans with a stripy top will always work. And you should always have a great t-shirt, it’s a summer essential. 
I hope my blog is approachable. I mix real pieces with more expensive ones, and it all has to be wearable. The first thing I think about when I get dressed is what’s my schedule today, what’s the weather like, will my shoes be comfortable. In London, it’s so cold a lot of the time so you really need a great bag, a coat you love, and comfortable shoes.
I love the high street but it’s not for bags. Serious bag are investment buys. They’re better made and last longer – one of the things you’re paying for is the shelf life. And you know you can always take it back to the boutique to get even the smallest thing put right? It takes a while but they’ll give it back to you in perfect condition. 
I have about 15 serious bags but I don’t have anything I don’t use. They have to be wearable, which means not too heavy or you’re never going to use it. Ok, maybe I have a couple like that but I won’t name names. The lining’s too heavy or there’s too much metal on them. Really, check that before you buy. Try them when they’re empty then throw in some keys, your wallet, a few essentials and try again. The ones I wear most are the lightest.
My clothes are where I experiment, my beauty stays the same. I have a formula but I do switch around a few key things. I’ll maybe wear a smoky eye or a add a pop of bright lipstick. On days where I just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt I like to jazz it up with a coat of MAC Lady Danger, it’s pure matt pigment and looks amazing. My signature hairstyle is a high ponytail which I love tying with BaByliss neon elastic bands. And I love nail varnish. I have a whole beauty cabinet filled with dozens and dozens of colours. Essie, Butter London or Chanel all do amazing shades.


Jo Entwistle said...

Thanks for this link and feature. I enjoyed it and will check this blog out more often (who isn't nosey about what is in someone's handbag?!)

I'd love you to do a feature on your handbag collection (maybe you have already?) as I've been trying to work out the number (it seems to be much more than 15 but maybe that's just the designer ones?) I'm also interested in your comment about shops servicing bags. I've got a now very shabby Balenciaga City bag (and not in a good way either, I hasten to add) which I'd love it to be restitched but Selfridges (where I bought it) weren't very helpful. I've no experience doing this - maybe going to Balenciaga directly will work. Thanks for this point, it reminds me to chase this one up.

The bag I love of yours - and the one that got away for me - was the Polly Push lock by Mulberry. It was love at first sight but I didn't buy it and then lo and behold a certain Duchess walked out in one day and it was sold out everywhere. It would be such fun to see your collection and have you discuss the pros and cons of the designs (the perfect handbag evades me still, though I've a Miu Miu one that comes close)

(Sorry, this is a long post!)

j said...

hey Laura, can you say where you get the BaByliss neon elastics from, pretty please? Thanks! jx

Abigail said...

Laura, please help I can't decide if a Smythson Emily bag is big enough. Do you manage to use it every day and get everything you need in it?

Nicolette said...

Thanks for the link. I cant believe i havent heard of it before. I am nosy so i love posts lik this ha ha ha'I have been following your blog for a few months now. I love your sense of style and am an avid reader of Red magazine. Best regards

j said...

hey Laura, can you say where you get the BaByliss neon elastics from, pretty please? Thanks! jx

WIT said...

re babyliss hair grips apparently they don't do them anymore :-( x

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