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Monday, 5 March 2012

PFW diary day ONE

My Anya trolley and I are ready to leave the house. In my suitcase two day-to-night outfits complete with bags and shoes, beauty case (with my must-have sachet of bath salts from Dermalogica and mini candles from Diptyque for de-stressing evening bath), make up bag, overnight essentials, chargers, camera and phones.

I'm on the Eurostar from King's Cross straight to Paris Gare du Nord. I love this trip, long enough that I get to read, snooze and breakfast but short enough that I don't get bored! There's always some fascinating people on this train during Fashion Week and I can't help but listen to some of the conversations ;-)

My driver Stephan comes to pick me up and take  me to the hotel. I always say if I won the lottery I would get a driver!

I arrive at my hotel, the Park Hyatt Vendome. It's in the perfect central location to go to the shows and some fabulous shopping areas. My room is not ready which is just as well as I head to a Paris favourite spot...

I'm obsessed with foreign pharmacies, you can always find amazing affordable products and French ones are no exception. I once read an article on GOOP about French Pharmacies and literally bought everything on her list. Here it is http://goop.com/newsletter/114/

Today I am looking for a make-up artist must have: Bioderma cleansing water. All of them say it's the best make up remover, gentle and hypoallergenic.

Found it! 

My friend gave me a great heads up on children clothing, Monoprix has a premium range called Bout' chou which is more like Bonpoint but at a fraction of the price. My sister is pregnant (I'm going to be an aunty!!) so I go and buy her a few cadeau. I can't resist this cardi and matching ecru shoes!

Back in my room and time for me to get ready!

Showered and time for make up. At the moment I'm obsessed with Bobbi Brown's liquid eye liner pen £18.50 - it draws the perfect line. I also love Laura Mercier tinted mosturiser which leaves you with a flawless complexion (Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser £33), I know probably every one says that but there is a good reason behind it. My mascara is another favourite and from Clinique (Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara £16) and my bronzer from Giorgio Armani. I also love Becca's eye lid cream shadow- it's the perfect colour for any make up weather you are going for a bronzy effect (like what I'm doing today) or a statement lip.

I'm taking inspiration from my March shopping shoot and wearing a statement trouser. I bought these Zara tie print trousers for the shows- I am going to wear them with a navy sequin jumper, my Chanel shoes and my New Look navy coat with leather sleeves. Simple with an edge!


In the lift and ready for my first show of the day! 

I looove being a Madame in France..

On route..
I'm in LOVE with my new Anya bag 

Arrive at the beautiful palais for Dior's show...

 The photographers are ready to immortalise Anna Wintour who is walking right in front of me..

And here she is with Grace Coddington and Toone Goodman. The US Vogue team coplete.. I wonder what Anna's smiling about!? 

The show is beautiful, grown up ballerina dress-up box like and very girlie..  here are some of my favorite looks.

Anyone a bride or bridesmaid this summer?

Next I'm off to Isabel Marant. On the invite she gifts us with a little leather bracelet with gold eye pendant. So cute!

Here's a short video from the amazing decadent venue..
I don't love love the show (a  bit too hippy cow girl for my taste) but I do love the shoes and a few looks like the ones below. Red seams to be a hige colour for next season. 

Back in the car we cross the Seine. It's not a nice day but Paris still magical and I love it!

Sonia Rykiel next!

It's a huge venue with sumptous lilac carpet and I get to have a little chat with some friends from Glamour magazine

I loved the faux fur apricot coats and jackets

The finale, as usual, with all the girls running down the catwalk!

 Back in at the hotel, hot bath, make up free and in my robe I order room service and watch a movie. Perfect end to a busy day. Take a look at my entry on today's Redonline fashion blog

See you tomorrow for my diary of day two in Paris.


schoolgatestyle said...

Laura, I don't know how you found the time to put that post up but thank you! What a busy day - I was exhausted after just reading it :)

About Me said...

Great Post Laura - Love it and loving your new Anya Gracie too, gorgeous


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
I LOVE your Blog - thanks you are a great daily read and I adore your mix of high end and high street finds.
Re the Bioderma you bought - would you mind telling me how much it costs in France - here in Australia it is $68 for a bottle and I am thinking I may have to get a friend in Europe to send me a bottle if it is much cheaper over there. Many thanks again Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Fab post laura - this is what you do so brilliantly well. Thank you.
Hope you are feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Super post!
I love your Chanel Pumps...is there any way to get a similar pair? =)

Antonella said...

thanks for sharing your fab "parisexperiece" with us!!! fab post!!! waiting for tomorrow....

Virgi said...

Wow! It was a fantastic day..but I think I won't be able to do all the things you do!!! :)

Great post!


Stel said...

I love your shoes and your bag!!!!

Great post!!!


WIT said...

Hi girls! Thank you for your comments yes I'm much better Paris was great and got me completely cured! Unfortunately my Chanel shoes are old old old but there's some AMAZING ones coming out this SS so look out for them. Glad you like my diary posts x

WIT said...

OMG! It's line 7 euros?!?

Iona said...

i have your trousers - absolutely love them and so versatile- i wear them lots even with a white t, converse and blazer or dressing them up with heels in the evening. big fan. Enjoy gay pareeee x

Sarah said...

love it Laura - I want those Zara trousers, can you tel me what the fit is like please and would they look ok with converse? thanks for posting your diary, what a awesome trip your having x

Sarah said...

love it Laura - I want those Zara trousers, can you tel me what the fit is like please and would they look ok with converse? thanks for posting your diary, what a awesome trip your having x

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best! What a great style you have.


Maria from Finland

lkcouture said...

Loving this post and your blog this week. Thank you for giving us some fantastic fashion tips. My dream is to attend a Dior show so thank you for posting it feels like I was just there.

lkcouture said...

Loving your post this week. You look fantastic and thank you for all the fashion tips. My dream would be to attend a Dior show and looking at your blog it feels like I was just there so thank you so much.
Loving all the tips!

priti said...

Hi Laura, I love your blog and I look forward to read it as soon as it reaches my inbox. There is always something there that I LOVE! I like your style and I like how passionate you are about your work!

I tried to buy some French pharmacy products from the website suggested by goop.com (lesanteguide.com) and just want to warn the rest of your readers to be careful before doing the business with them. The products are expensive and the postage is enormous. It's difficult to contact them and English is almost understandable! The same products could be bought from Amazon for much cheaper!

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