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Friday, 20 September 2013

WIT mama Friday: The Grace Tales

Photo by Julie Adams
Now that I am back with daily updates, I wanted to dedicate one post a week to us new and old mums, to our style dilemmas and children related interests. Fridays seemed like the perfect day: I'm off work (I work a mum-friendly four days a week) and I can report from on-duty  mummy status. 

"WIT mama Fridays" will be dedicated to all those things that us WIT-mums love: from beautiful, affordable childrenswear, to how to organise the perfect birthday party to the quickest most effective way to apply your make up in under five minutes. 

To kick off this new WIT feature (we've had WIT wedding Wednesdays and WIT baby Fridays so far!), I wanted to introduce you to a beautiful new website launching today called The Grace Tales.

The Grace Tales is dedicated to "the stylish mother" and it's everything I ever wanted/needed to inspire my new-mum lifestyle. Georgie Abay, the beautiful mind behind the website, is the current Deputy Editor/Fashion Features Director at Vogue Australia and mother to Arabella Grace who born in November 2012, and she knows about style: "When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time on the Internet searching for inspiration for everything from nursery decor to baby clothes to maternity wear. I found a little – but I wanted to find a lot. There are so many great sites dedicated to style and beauty, but what about sites dedicated to the stylish mother?"

"I wanted to see inside the world’s of other mothers. How did they decorate their nurseries? What was their take on motherhood? What was their advice to new mothers? How did they handle the sleep deprivation? Where did they buy their children’s clothes? Where did they buy their own clothes?

I’ve adored fashion for as long as I can remember and don’t think I’ll ever stop, but I’ve entered the world of motherhood and find nursery d├ęcor and baby clothes just as fascinating. More importantly, I’m surrounded by countless inspiring mothers and I wanted to share their tales with you.

The Grace Tales covers everything from motherhood to fashion to beauty to lifestyle. It is targeted towards style conscious mothers and we hope the gorgeous tales of each mother we profile will inspire you."

So when for an incredible turn of events I happened to be on holiday with my best friend and photographer Julie Adams (who shoots all portraits  for the website), and she asked me to be in it for the launch, I just couldn't say no.


Up to now, I had never published a photo of Greta, but I loved the concept and the incredible thought behind The Grace Tales so much, I made an exception. The result is this beautiful photo shoot that I will treasure forever, taken with my baby girl this summer at my in-laws house in Italy, and this little interview which I hope you will find helpful/inspiring.

Read here to see the full interview and photo shoot with Greta Zita. 


Anonymous said...

Ciao Laura! Magnifiche le foto. Ti seguo da poco piu' di in anno ma adoro il tuo blog. Appena ti scoprii nacque Greta e tu giustIficatamente "scomparsi" per un po', cosi' ne aprofittai per fare una bella scorpacciata dei tuoi vecchi post.
I tuoi outfit, semplici, portabili e pratici dimostrano quanto la classe e l'eleganza siano coniugabili con le esigenze della quotidianita'..
Mi piace molto anche la nuova impostazione grafica del blog e le migliorie che hai apportato.
In bocca al lupo.

Sherrie said...

Laura, what a beautiful set of photographs, they are stunning and something special for you and Greta to cherish. I am just about to head off on maternity leave and it was great to read your interview on The Grace Tales ... thank you for being honest about how you have found your new challenge as a Mummy. The first few weeks are the thing that scares me the most, so it is great to hear your tips about patience and being understanding and kind to yourself. Thank you. Sherrie x
PS Lovely to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks so much for this post. Just the inspiration I've been looking for!
What a fab website - and congrats on the beautiful feature! x

Sam said...

Hi Laura,
I am a long time reader of your blog, commenting for the first time ever because I was very moved by how honest you were about the challenges of motherhood in your interview. As a mom of twins myself I struggled for the first eight months before I could have even a semblance of normalcy to my own schedule. I shared your puzzlement about why more moms don;t talk about how hard motherhood (especially the initial stages) can be and like you, I am now very honest with anybody who asks me about it as well. I love my kids to death but raising them is the hardest job I have ever taken on. Good luck and stay strong :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so honest Laura, it is hard and I too wish other Mums would admit it. My second and last baby is now 9 months old and I have been back at work for 4 months. I hate to wish his life away but I will be glad to reach the 12 month 'milestone' where things begin to get easier. I am looking forward to 'Mama Fridays' in the future.
Lucy Sermon x

Anonymous said...

Ciao Laura, i tuoi outfit sono semplici e belli, alla portata di tutti...Grazie!

Unknown said...

the photos are amazing and the Grace tales just divine! you should do more together..brava Laura-brava julie

Anonymous said...

Laura these photos are just stunningly beautiful! Congratulations on the interview and feature. You really do inspire me!

Anonymous said...

It's hard isn't it? I never want to sound like a pessimist to my close girlfriends who are expecting. Those sour-faced harbingers of wisdom and cliches drove me barmy when I was pregnant. Oh you'll never sleep again. Oh good luck trying to get your hair washed etc etc... I swore I wouldn't project negativity onto other's naive joy.
Then you've got the other mums who you just wouldn't admit it to because they seem to have everything just right so you don't want to fess up and look like a failure.
It's so true though. It's bloody hard work. Lonely and scary and never-ending. It does become joyous and delightful but for a long time you doubt it. True girlfriends helped me see that. And now I want for new mummy friends to tentatively ask before I confirm that, yes, it's hellish. But you'll be ok!!
I feel oddly bad that we didn't know you were struggling. I send you big hugs, for back then!!
Isn't GZ beautiful?! Congratulations xxx

Agnes said...

I'm a long time follower of your blog and I'm so excited that you are back on daily basis! I also had my first baby last fall and loved your maternity style and tips. I'm so happy to find the new site and loved your interview!

Samantha said...

As a big sister to two younger girls (with a big age gap) and a hands-on aunt to a niece and nephew, I knew it would be hard but it still didn't prepare me for those first few weeks/months. The sheer frustration at not being able to get anything done and the baby refusing to adhere 'the routine' and of course, the exhaustion.

Well done, Laura for speaking up. We can't all be supermums and I think it's more than ok to admit it.

Greta is truly beautiful and the photos are stunning. I hope your return to work hasn't been too stressful. So glad your blog is up and running again.

Thanks for all the tips.


Anthea said...

Thank you for sharing these photos - they are just gorgeous. GZ is beautiful.

And thanks for your candid words on motherhood. My daughter has just turned six months. It's been the hardest six months of my life due to severe reflux and intolerances. She spent the first four months screaming and never sleeping! I nearly went insane. More mums need to open up as to just how hard motherhood is!!!

Really looking forward to your WIT mama Fridays! Love your blog. x

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