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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

At work..

Today I'm styling a shoot for Boden's new autumn internet feauture. I'll post pictures throughout the day with some of my favorite bits... it's going to be a very fun shoot!
On set
digital joy..
I love this leopard print bag!
Here's our studio in London
Polly our art director editing pics
I love this leather jacket and necklace!
Boden or Prada necklace?
Guess who's the model..?
Boden stripy favorites
Our model and make up artist getting ready
Tares of our looks
Simone looking great
A crate of my favorite a/w trainers


Style At Every Age said...

Look forward to seeing the pictures, have a great day! Your outfit today screams Parisian Chic - love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the blazer - where is it from?

Gillybobs said...

Laura, love the blog, am addicted! Also love Boden, not sure why they get so much stick! My wardrobe is full of their cute knitwear and stripy tops. It's all in the styling dont you think? x

ilaria said...

your job looks lots of fun :)
Great look..where are your jeans from? ciao

Heather said...

Looks great Laura;my A/W Boden preview order was shipped yesterday; can't wait for it to arrive (P.S.I went for the green leopard print trainers for casual days; placed my order the night before your last Boden preview shoot; and luv'd that you had them as one of your top picks!)Any other suggestions/insider gossip as to "must buy" items from your fav high street stores for the coming season? Thanks

WIT said...

Ciao girls! thanks for all your comments, it was a great day on my Boden shoot and I've eyed and flagged all my favorite buys. Now to your questions about what I was wearing: blazer- an old Balenciaga buy (I saw a similar one in Theory) and jeans are from Radcliffe (there's to their website on WIT links and you can see other ways I styled them by clicking on Radcliffe in WIT Labels. Night night! x

Sophie said...

You may just have the best job in the world : ) Pics are fab x

bags n shoes said...

This is what you do best in my opinion Laura - the smart casual mixing of designer and high street, jeans and blazer, tee shirt and high end....Love this kind of look!

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