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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Colour clash

My friend was wearing this dress last week and I absolutely fell in love the fabulous tangerine colour. So today I'm wearing it with flats for  bit of sightseeing in the city, then dressing it up with my Prada purple satin pumps for a friend's birthday party (ended up wearing jeans cause too cold). I love combining strong colours- here are some other unusual combinations that I love:






and all of these look FAB with neutrals such as BEIGE CAMEL SAND

Hobbs shift dress, Joseph belt, Marc Jacobs aviators, Prada satin pumps- Night: Wallis top, 4AllMankind jeans

NW3 Hobbs shift dresses £39 from £139

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ilaria said...

Another combination I love is turquoise and "orchid" purple..

moodeve said...

TY for such a post! Really helpful.I went for the 1st time to a stylist in John Jones today and she rec I try strong colours such as this as it would flatter me. Will check out NW3!
I was also identified as an 'apple' figure - when I thought I was 'pear'!I wld be interested in knowing ur thoughts on body shapes - whether these are things to go by, thanks!

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